David Peffley

David Peffley

David Peffley was a native of Pennsylvania who moved with his family to Botetourt County, Virginia around 1790. There, they settled on an acreage on Carvin’s Creek’s branch – later to become Mill Creek section in Botetourt.

He died in 1869 with three sons: Samuel, Henry and John as well as a daughter named Anna. As a very successful farmer at age 82 he could claim that he was indeed the oldest person living in Mont. Co.

Early Life and Education

David Peffley was an all-round alumni at Seton Catholic Central. Serving as one of its football brains, he played an essential part in producing one of the state’s best records with one of its premier offensive lines as an integral freshman member – leading the pack in trenches while leading special teamers from day one – as a true freshman and as part of its winningest class (racked up over 50 puns and an occasional sack in his career!). As a member of both committees he made the most out of his time at Seton Catholic Central – making his time spent there worthwhile.

Professional Career

David Peffley has excelled in multiple fields. Beginning as a molecular biologist and later earning a Ph.D. in genetics from Pennsylvania State University.

At Rosalind Franklin School of Medicine in North Chicago, Illinois he served as associate professor of pharmacology; his research focused on diet-induced cancer prevention.

Peffley was then promoted to full professor. He continued his research into cancer prevention through diet while teaching courses such as pharmacology, genetics and biochemistry.

Achievement and Honors

David Peffley made history while serving as a graduate assistant at Florida A&M University, leading its first ranked defense in more than a decade and propelling them into one of Division III’s most competitive programs. Peffley earned two AASC Awards – best defensive back and best defense in Big South Conference respectively – along with being selected two-time All-American and three-time All-Big South Conference selection. Furthermore, Peffley taught and lectured as part of the top-ranked football team and an extremely successful graduate school of sports management program eponymous to Florida A&M University grad school for sports management graduate school program he founded.

Personal Life

David Peffley was an exceptionally successful businessman. He owned Farmers Hardware & Supply Company of Danville, Indiana.

He owned a farm in Parke County, Indiana where he passed away in 1897.

In 1937, descendants of the Peffley brothers returned to Roanoke Valley in search of farms they once owned. They discovered two old farms owned by Mr. and Mrs. Peffley were located side by side on either side of Highway 15, known as The “Great Road,” northeast of Salem near Hollins College.

They discovered the graves of David and Magdalena were located in a hickory grove behind their house, marked with slabs of native slate with inscribed names:

Net Worth

David Peffley has an estimated net worth between $75-99K. Based in Salem, Oregon and currently working for a local insurance firm. Together with his wife Elizabeth they have three children and own their home in Whitehouse Ohio; David previously served on the Ohio State University Board of Trustees and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration; additionally he is affiliated with National Alliance of Insurance Brokers as an associate as well as licensed health and life insurance agent.

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