David Pickard

David Pickard

David Pickard is a Senior Executive at Glyndebourne Festival, overseeing their touring, education and digital operations. With an expertise in music, his energy, commitment and enthusiasm for Glyndebourne’s initiatives and core values is contagious.

He has previously been convicted twice of assaulting his ex-wife, yet continues to commit acts of extreme and unreasoning violence against her despite past convictions, probations and rehabilitative treatments.

Early Life and Education

David Pickard has been involved in the arts for three decades. Since November 2015, he has served as Director of the BBC Proms and spearheaded several innovative initiatives.

He is passionate about introducing the Proms to younger audiences and giving young musicians a platform. Additionally, he has made it his priority to bring classical music to new spaces around London such as Sam Wanamaker Playhouse at Shakespeare’s Globe and Bold Tendencies Multi-Storey Car Park in Peckham.

In addition to his role as Director of the Proms, Pickard is an active scholar on media issues. He has published numerous op-eds and essays in leading news outlets. Additionally, he often contributes commentary to public radio stations and delivers keynote lectures at universities.

Professional Career

David Pickard has been in the real estate industry for over 34 years. Together with his wife Teresa, he founded Boulder Bay Real Estate and has become an integral part of Big Bear Valley’s community.

He is an accomplished business leader who has had great success building sales teams and managing people. A passionate individual, he enjoys working with others to help them reach their full potential.

He is an accomplished senior manager with over 35 years of experience in the housing sector. At Hilldale Group, his primary responsibilities include executing business strategy and providing operational excellence.

Achievements and Honors

David Pickard is a Senior Managing Director in the Private Client Group at Generational Group. He oversees an experienced team of sales executives and provides advice on accelerated growth strategies, exit planning, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) strategies as well as wealth management for clients across various industries.

He has held executive roles with several Fortune 500 companies, such as Black & Decker and The Home Depot. Additionally, he was recognized by his peers as one of the nation’s top sales leaders for his success in building and leading teams.

His job satisfaction comes from helping business owners reach their objectives. He takes pleasure in getting to know his clients and understanding their businesses from scratch. Working with some of the world’s greatest minds is truly a privilege for him.

Personal Life

David Pickard enjoys a life filled with family, friends and love. He is actively involved in his community as well as serving the Lord.

He was very involved in his church and enjoyed serving as a deacon. Additionally, he enjoyed operating HAM radio equipment so he could communicate with people all around the world.

He was an incredibly dedicated individual with high moral standards. He worked hard for his career as a true professional, while also enjoying nature by hiking with his wife in their free time.

Net Worth

David Pickard is a Senior Managing Director in the Private Client Group at Generational Group, responsible for building initial relationships with business owners who require assistance with accelerated growth consulting, exit planning, M&A and wealth management.

He previously spent over 10 years with Black & Decker, holding various senior sales and marketing roles. Additionally, he held special project leader roles in campus recruiting and organizational planning for key acquisitions like Porter-Cable / Delta ($600M) and Vector Industries ($150M).

His estimated net worth as of 2021 ranges between $1 Million and $5 Million, due primarily to his successful career as a boxer.

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