David Pilkey

David Pilkey

Dav Pilkey is a widely celebrated children’s book author. He is best known as the creator of the Captain Underpants series as well as other books for children.

Pilkey has found an outlet for his creative abilities despite dyslexia and ADHD; writing and illustrating best-selling children’s books worldwide.

Early Life and Education

David Pelkey lived an active childhood. He attended Swampscott High School.

He later studied at one of the most esteemed universities, the University of Michigan. There he earned a Bachelor’s of Education.

He worked there for an extended period before transitioning to Seattle University of Washington and freelancing as an editor and content writer for various websites.

Professional Career

David Portnoy began his professional career in sports and internet journalism by working for four years for the Yankee Group before founding Barstool Sports.

At Barstool Sports, he served as both editor and owner. Additionally, he co-hosted their podcast and contributed articles for their blog.

He graduated with degrees in biochemistry and computational biology from Oberlin College, before going on to receive his doctorate at New York University. Additionally, he co-founded Redesign Science which provides services to help companies design their processes more efficiently.

He is an attentive father and proud husband. He enjoys spending time with his wife and has always supported her endeavors in her field of work – they manage to live peacefully together!

Achievement and Honors

David is an internationally-recognized author and children’s book creator who has won multiple awards for his work. His Captain Underpants and Dog Man graphic novels have sold millions worldwide; his first book A Child Called It has remained on the New York Times Best Sellers List for six consecutive years.

He served in the Navy for 32 years and earned four Distinguished Flying Crosses, a Bronze Star, and Meritorious Service Medals during that time.

Dave takes an optimistic view on life and encourages others to recommit themselves and live life to its fullest. His unique style and Robin Williams-esque wit inspire others to overcome any obstacles they encounter in life.

Personal Life

David Pelkey is an award-winning author known for writing several children’s books such as Captain Underpants and Ook & Gluk, two titles that have become beloved staples.

He is renowned for his adept writing of semi-autobiographical stories. Additionally, he is known for his remarkable way of forging relationships.

He has, however, been accused of sexual misconduct by multiple women. One woman alleged he made her feel uncomfortable by filming without permission and making unwanted sexual advances toward her.

He and Renee Portnoy were married from 2009 until they separated in 2017. Since then, however, both parties remain on good terms with one another and continue living apart peacefully.

Net Worth

David Pelkey reportedly boasts an estimated net worth of approximately $120 Million. As the founder and president of Barstool Sports – an online sports media company – his fortune was amassed.

He earned his fortune through selling parts of Barstool over several transactions. In 2016, he sold off a majority stake to The Chernin Group.

Penn Gaming acquired 36% of Barstool in January 2020. Penn then exercised its option in August 2022 to buy out all of the company for $550 million.

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