David Raish

David Raish

David Raish is a long-standing partner at Ropes & Gray and specializes in retirement plans, deferred compensation plans and employee benefits issues as well as health care law.

David was raised in Boston before later moving to Washington, DC with his wife and two children.

Early Life and Education

David Rish is an expert in employee benefits law and has dedicated much of his career to it. While at Ropes & Gray for over 25 years, his focus was retirement plans and deferred compensation issues; additionally, he published books and articles in order to gain prominence within his industry.

David was also an accomplished musician, having studied piano during his younger days before performing as an organist at St Paul Lutheran Church in East Stroudsburg in his free time. Additionally, he founded and sang with Tanglewood Festival Chorus – an official chorus of Boston Symphony Orchestra – as a founding member. Not only was David generous and talented musician; he was also very kind-hearted person whom will be missed greatly by his wife Roslyn; children and their partners as well as close friends.

Professional Career

Raisch made his Hollywood acting debut as Burt Lancaster’s stand-in, then made appearances on Lonely Are the Brave where he became known as ‘One-Armed Man.’ Additionally, he appeared briefly as Roman soldier who gets their arm chopped off during battle scene by Kirk Douglas during Spartacus (1960).

David Raish had been a partner at Ropes & Gray LLP since 1982 and focused on retirement plans, deferred compensation and employee benefit matters for clients such as universities and health care organizations. For several years he was the head of Ropes & Gray LLP’s Employee Benefits Department; representing many tax-exempt employers like universities and healthcare organizations as clients he represented as well. Authoring publications and books related to these subjects and having an expert legal mind.

Personal Life

David Raish was an exceptional attorney who dedicated his career at Ropes & Gray specializing in employee benefits law, representing clients ranging from tax-exempt employers like universities and healthcare organizations to tax payers like themselves. Additionally, he published books in this field as well as becoming a recognized speaker on these subjects.

He began dabbling in photography as a hobby, beginning with simple portraits. Encouraged by their results, he soon advanced to using Mylar for multiple exposures in color photography and deformed faces to express form and movement on abstract images he created using deformations – something he continued for many years and left an important legacy behind for Roslyn and their children.

Net Worth

David Raich has an estimated net worth of $1.5 Million and earned it as both a football coach and businessperson.

He holds stock in several companies. Furthermore, he owns property and cars as well as amassed substantial assets including cash reserves.

His net worth can be calculated by adding up all his assets (cash, real estate and stocks) and deducting his liabilities.

His largest trade was buying 10,000 shares of JCP stock for over $146,600 on 26 January 2004 and then exercising them three days later on 22 February 2006. Since 2004, he has made two other trades including one on 22 February 2006.

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