David Savman

David Savman

David Salman was an esteemed plant breeder, gardener and author who promoted environmentally responsible gardening long before “organic” became popular. As founder of Santa Fe Greenhouses, High Country Gardens and Waterwise Gardening, his passion for plants and teaching others inspired gardeners around the globe.

On Friday afternoon at a book signing in Chautauqua, New York, a suspect jumped onto the stage and stabbed him multiple times in both the neck and abdomen, police reported.

Early Life and Education

David Savman has extensive educational experience, having held leadership roles at both College Board and Student Achievement Partners – an organization dedicated to raising educational standards and testing proficiency. In addition to his role as College Board president, David also volunteers his time in numerous educational organizations across the country.

The organization was instrumental in creating the Common Core State Standards, which aim to prepare students for college and careers by outlining essential skills they should master from kindergarten through high school.

David Savman was part of the team responsible for creating the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards’ early childhood generalist exam. Throughout his career, David Savman has made a lasting impact in educational research; his studies on language learning and literacy development have resulted in innovative strategies designed to help children learn new words through fun games.

Professional Career

David Savman is a renowned business and human resource expert who has assisted countless individuals in finding more productive and satisfying careers. He is the author of several books as well as host of the popular Career Management Podcast.

He has extensive corporate experience, having worked for various companies and organizations throughout the US. His areas of expertise range from domestic and international sales/marketing, finance (joint ventures, mergers, acquisitions, divestitures), to operations.

He is currently the Executive Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer at PVH Corp, overseeing their global supply chains and sourcing strategy for some of their renowned brands.

Achievement and Honors

David has made a notable impact on the City of Cedar Hill through his role as co-hort in its Economic Development Corporation. During this time, David has spearheaded efforts to attract 14 new businesses to Cedar Hill’s borough and created 265 jobs in the process. David’s generosity does not go unnoticed; he has raised millions of dollars for local schools, community benefactors and charities large and small alike. One of the city’s greatest accomplishments has been its purchase of a 10-story office tower from a local developer who was impressed with both their business-friendly approach and commitment to innovation. Now home to their largest headquarters and an active office complex that will soon be renamed Cedar Hill Innovation Center, this complex will soon welcome many more businesses in need of space.

Personal Life

David Savman, who grew up in Houston and La Cueva, New Mexico, developed an appreciation for the wild landscapes of the Southwest. He developed an admiration for the unique plants native to this area and began cultivating them at his home.

He was an eminent plant explorer with the ability to communicate with plants. An enthusiastic gardener, he shared his expertise of wild plants with others. Additionally, he founded Plant Select(r), an organization which brought together renowned horticulturists, breeders, and landscape designers in order to cultivate rare and beautiful native species for American gardens.

Recently, He left H&M Group, where he led all sourcing, procurement and warehouse operations. Now he will join PVH Corp. (owner of Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein) as Executive Vice President and Chief Supply Chain Officer. He expects to begin work later this year.

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