David Scarbrough

David Scarbrough

David Scarbrough has been serving decades for his involvement in the 1995 murders of Carol and Les Dotts. Although up for parole again, no decision has yet been made by the court as to his eligibility.

His career is marked with numerous honors and awards, and he holds memberships in various medical organizations.

Early Life and Education

David Scarbrough was born with cerebral palsy, making it hard for him to walk without assistance. But this determined soul overcame their disability with determination.

He graduated from St. Edwards High School in Elgin and Northern Illinois University in DeKalb. Furthermore, he drove for Voluntary Action Center until his retirement.

As a young man, God used him as a shepherd working for his father’s flock to prepare him for future opportunities.

David was appointed King of Israel by Samuel. His life was an example of righteousness, repentance and submission.

Professional Career

David Scarbrough made his name as a professional rugby player by amassing over 100 appearances for Wakefield and Leeds Tykes before moving onto play for Saracens, Racing Metro, and England.

His career in rugby has brought many accomplishments, such as winning the Hong Kong Sevens tournament with England in 2004. Additionally, his coaching and teaching careers are noteworthy – most notably as Head of Rugby at Bradford Grammar School and Queen Ethelburga’s alongside former Leeds Tykes teammate Rob Rawlinson.

David is an Apple(r) fanatic, making him an ideal candidate to begin small-business ownership as an Experimac franchisee. His unique retail storefront concept specializes in pre-owned Apple computers and devices as well as offering repair services and trade-in options for existing devices.

Achievement and Honors

McCallie students shone during the annual Upper School Awards Day celebration. Notable names included Levi Lebovitz, Jackson Scarbrough and Luke Gilbert.

All three achieved the highest grade point averages in their classes and received special recognition at this two-day event. As recognition for their hard work, each received the prestigious Grayson Medal – one of the most sought-after honors given to seniors.

The McCallie School of Journalism is pleased to honor these students with a variety of honors designed to recognize their achievements and help them become the journalists of tomorrow.

Personal Life

David Scarbrough finds great pleasure in fishing during his free time and spending quality time with family and friends.

Recently, he started producing and uploading documentary videos to YouTube from a small studio installed in his retail computer electronics shop.

He used two iPhones to record 4K sessions, and edited them using a MacBook Pro and Adobe Premier Pro software. Recording sessions began with discussion of Cassius Clay-Sonny Liston fights.

Soon enough, his videos began gaining steam as he executed his vision for the project and more incredible photos were made into videos. Along the way he met some amazing people – Farrell Grehan, Ken Hyman, Bill Ray and John Loengard to name just a few – who helped him share stories behind some of his favorite photos.

Net Worth

Dan Scarbrough was a rugby union player from Leeds Tykes, Saracens, Racing Metro and England who has served at wing or full back positions during his time. He earned international honours while making his Churchill Cup debut in 2002.

He was admitted to the Florida Bar in 1991 and started practicing law in Pensacola, representing Michael F. Griffin who had murdered Dr. David Gunn in 1993. This case gained widespread media coverage.

In 1994, he was elected to Florida’s 1st congressional district as a Republican and served five months before stepping down to spend more time with his children. Since then he has become a television host, author, political commentator, attorney, television show host and political commentator; according to 2023 estimates he reportedly had an estimated net worth of $25 Million.

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