David Schwen

David Schwen – A Creative Professional With Over 18 Years of Experience

David Schwen is a graphic designer based in Minneapolis with over 18 years of experience. As director of his creative studio Dschwen, David oversees the execution of branded identities, video content and social media campaigns for clients worldwide.

His Instagram project ‘Pantone Pairings’ takes everyday foods like bacon and eggs, peanut butter and jelly, or mac & cheese and turns them into vibrant Pantone swatches that complement each other perfectly.

Early Life and Education

David Schwen, who grew up in rural Minnesota, has an unique perspective on life. His design work often draws from his personal experiences to create stunning visuals that convey powerful messages. Furthermore, David serves as a prime example of how social media can be utilized to spread creative ideas.

His website showcases his illustrative and image-centric works in a vibrant yet user-friendly format. It highlights both his past exemplary work as well as recent industry news to give potential clients an understanding of his style, scope, and approach. Furthermore, the use of slender fonts shows off his meticulous attention to detail; furthermore, the website includes essential details like contact info and social media links for easy access.

Professional Career

David Schwen has over 18 years of experience working in design, both agency and in-house. As the founder and creative director of Dschwen, he has focused his company’s efforts on producing highly visual and engaging social media content.

He uses vibrant colors to craft designs that are captivating. His works often combine mold-like illustrations and captivating animation with everyday photography to give his artwork a unique edge.

David loves creating designs that are not only visually stunning but also thought-provoking. As one of the most influential graphic designers and lettering artists on Instagram, clients like Starbucks and Google are eager to feature his intricate typography in their campaigns. You can find David’s work on his personal Instagram account where you’ll find fun content as well as inspiration for your own designs.

Achievement and Honors

David Schwan is one of the world’s most renowned designers, leading his Minneapolis-based creative studio Dschwen in creating branded identity and content. His innovative vision has been showcased in projects such as Benjamin Moore’s reimagined paint can and a stunning 37-foot LED lit Target dog. When not designing, David enjoys throwing cocktail parties and cooking (without including food). When it comes to his work, david has an eye for re-imagining logos, pop culture motifs and typography in fascinating new and eye-catching ways – with delicious results!

Personal Life

David Schwen is a creative professional with extensive experience in design and illustration. As the owner of Dschwen Studio, which specializes in branded campaigns and social media marketing, David draws upon his wide range of skillset to produce visually striking typographic artwork that pays homage to pop culture icons. With so much expertise under his belt, there’s no doubt David is set for success!

David Schwen’s work is captivating, thought-provoking and creative. His news page, updated regularly with his latest works and works-in-progress, gives potential clients an overview of who he is and how his philosophy can be applied in their projects. Furthermore, David Schwen’s website is designed for easy navigation that puts focus on his artwork.

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