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David Sturges – Fernandina Beach City Commission Group 2

David Sturges was an attorney and lung cancer survivor. Detection was by means of an incidental CT scan footnote and subsequent removal of lower right lobe of lung via lobectomy was successfully accomplished.

Klawans noted that Sturges, at least, always prioritized morality as one of his primary goals in filmmaking. One scene in Sullivan’s Travels that illustrates this sentiment shows this. A Black preacher helps an injured Marine restore his moral compass under the guidance of an African preacher – an indication of this principled filmmaker.

Early Life and Education

Sturges began teaching in San Bernardino County at age 37 – an ambitious undertaking during those times. His initial position in Cahuilla Valley on the southern slope of San Jacinto Mountains offered a monthly salary of $70 per month.

Sturges was known for his many accomplishments and dedication to serving his community, which included serving on numerous boards, commissions and committees including serving on the county community corrections board as well as various legal services.

Preservation was another passion shared between him and Ellen; together they played an instrumental role in saving both Sturges Auditorium and San Bernardino Historical and Pioneer Society’s Heritage House from destruction.

Professional Career

David Sturges is an attorney who specializes in all areas of employee and labor law for corporations. His practice encompasses discrimination, wrongful discharge, employee handbooks, wage and hour compliance compliance and employment litigation.

He also assists clients who are involved in contractual or non-compete disputes to find solutions, drawing from his extensive expertise in these areas.

He has become more conscious of the inadequate funding of lung cancer research since recovering. To raise awareness and change how it is treated.

Sturges has successfully raised funds with Ellen’s friends and loved ones to establish the Ellen Read Leeds Sturges Memorial Lectureship at Yale. This endowed fund will support Yale’s Center for Discovery to Cure, which brings scientific research with patient care together in one place.

Achievement and Honors

Sturges achieved distinction as both writer and director in such legendary movies as The Lady Eve, Sullivan’s Travels, and The Miracle of Morgan’s Creek. Additionally, he was honored as part of Film at Lincoln Center’s Gala Tribute that year as well as receiving a BAFTA Fellowship award.

He is both an attorney and lung cancer survivor; having been diagnosed with stage 1a non-small cell lung cancer in 2002.

As part of his treatment, a lobectomy was performed on his right lung to remove its lower lobe. Subsequent scans confirmed a second suspicious nodule, prompting further surgery to be conducted on him.

Personal Life

David Sturges is a Fernandina Beach native who has been doing business in the community for nearly two decades. Recently he filed to run for Fernandina Beach City Commission Group 2 seat.

He has strong family values and is an active member of First Presbyterian Church in Fernandina Beach where he serves as Deacon. Additionally, he has two children and one grandchild.

Eleanor Hutton and director John Ford had an arduous relationship, leading to Eleanor leaving him and moving to Chicago after 1927.

Sturges had several major film failures during the 1930s. He had to adapt his career within the studio system in order to reach recognition – yet only after having spent years working without recognition.

Net Worth

David Sturges is an established businessman from Fernandina Beach who is running as a conservative candidate for City Commission Group 2 of Fernandina Beach. His primary mission is to serve his community by ensuring Fernandina Beach has all of the resources to thrive as an established and prosperous city while stimulating local economies. Born and raised in Fernandina Beach, he has owned businesses there for almost 20 years as part of an entrepreneurial life cycle. As an entrepreneur, he has proven his ability to build and expand businesses, while providing employment opportunities to the city of Fernandina Beach. Born and bred locally, he understands the challenges Fernandina Beach faces, as well as working on issues that will benefit its citizens. Committed to making Fernandina Beach a better place, his goal is to ensure local jobs, support for new businesses and guarantee our citizens have an exceptional quality of life here at home.

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