David Vanover

David Vanover – A Lifelong Lover of the Lord Jesus Christ

David Vanover was born in 1922 and served in the US Navy during the Vietnam Era. Tragically, he passed away in 1997.

Dave was an avid fisherman, gardener and bird watcher. His interests also extended to old country music, animals and cats – as well as his beloved family members. Above all else though, Dave loved being with his loved ones.

Early Life and Education

Dave Vanover enjoyed playing basketball and football as a boy, but he also loved watching movies.

As he grew older, he began working for Augusta University athletics department and later became its first full-time commissioner.

Throughout his tenure at Augusta, he helped shape and expand the conference into one of the top collegiate football conferences in America.

Vanover has been deeply invested in his son’s basketball career for more than a decade, participating on various Mason Cove club teams. As a father, his involvement has been immense.

Professional Career

Dave vanover, a former professional football player, possesses an admirable sense of sportsmanship and deep knowledge about basketball. As a leader in his profession, he has dedicated his spare time to volunteering for the Arkansas Athletic Trainers Association.

While a student athlete at Florida State University, vanover earned first-team All-American recognition for his kick returns. Additionally, he was named to the Atlantic Coast Conference Rookie of the Year team.

Vanover, 30, is a self-described risk taker and trader who has made money on the stock market. However, he has experienced anxiety and depression over time due to a lack of steady income and living a lifestyle filled with uncertainty.

Achievement and Honors

Vanover earned his stripes as a college basketball coach by leading Augusta University to an NAIA district 25 title and NCAA Division II regional tournament. Additionally, he was named Coach of the Year twice during his tenure leading Augusta University into NCAA competition – 1975-76 and 1980-81.

He was the founding commissioner of the Peach Belt Conference (1991) and served for 16 years. Additionally, he played a significant role in creating its men’s and women’s basketball tournaments.

Vanover has emerged as the most dominant center in the PBC, displaying his ability to make big shots outside the paint. Additionally, he’s an impressive defensive presence, holding his own against some of the league’s best players while leading ORU to one of their most successful seasons ever.

Personal Life

David Vanover was a beloved husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather who loved and served his Lord with great devotion. As well as an ardent friend to many, his devotion was also expressed through preaching, singing and praying for Him.

He served on the boards of Lone Pine Chapel and Camp Jacob, ministering to sick and needy individuals in hospitals, nursing homes and shut-ins alike.

He was an active member of both Churches of Christ in Connersville, IN and Victory Baptist Church in Bristol, VA. His family and friends will sadly miss him dearly.

Net Worth

Dave Vanover is a retired financial analyst with an estimated net worth of $2 Million dollars.

Dave’s net worth is comprised of his investment in Intra-Cellular Therapies Inc (ITCI) and other investments. Additionally, it includes salary and other income from his professional career.

For a man who has been an accomplished financial analyst for over 10 years, his net worth is an incredible sum of money. It represents his extensive expertise and he boasts an impressive portfolio.

But the life he’s chosen to lead comes with its challenges. He spends too much time on the computer and phone, struggling to manage it all. Additionally, he struggles with depression and has sought therapy; furthermore, he’s uncertain how to balance trading professionally and traditional job responsibilities.

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