David Vassilakis

David Vassilakis

David Vassilakis is a popular YouTube vlogger, internet personality and reality TV star known for his comedy videos which have attracted millions of subscribers on the platform.

Born in Kosice, Slovakia and arriving to America at six, he now resides in Los Angeles, California.

Early Life and Education

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Professional Career

David Vassilakis, better known as the de facto leader of YouTube ensemble The Vlog Squad, began his professional career as a hockey goaltender with several clubs like Kelowna Spartans and Spokane Chiefs.

Though he was an exceptional goaltender, he never imagined becoming an NHL pro-hockey player for life. Instead, he dreamed of fulfilling more meaningful roles within society.

As time passed, he pursued his military ambitions by joining the United States Army Reserves and eventually earning American citizenship.

Achievement and Honors

David has achieved much throughout his life. He has put in hard work in pursuit of success and received multiple accolades in recognition.

He has served as a senior executive at American Airlines and Olympic Airways, volunteering his services with the United States Army Reserves.

His achievements have made him one of the world’s most renowned individuals, making him a popular figure with an enormous net worth.

He has two daughters from his first wife and another with his current one; recently the couple welcomed Army Gray as their baby girl and clearly showed the strength of their bond through photos shared to fans and followers of their relationship.

Personal Life

David is a popular social media star known for his humorous skits on YouTube and for posting dares and challenges on Instagram.

He was born in Kosice, Slovakia but moved with his family to Chicago, USA when he was young. Ester, Sara and Toby are his siblings.

At 13, he began creating videos on Vine, an online video platform featuring short six-second comedy clips. Over time, his audience quickly expanded exponentially until he eventually became one of the most recognized Vine stars.

He began dating Liza Koshy, a YouTuber, for three years (2015-2018) until they parted ways. Shortly thereafter he married Lorraine Nash – mother of Jason Nash – however it failed and they parted ways within one month.

Net Worth

David Vassilakis is an Internet star with a significant net worth. He makes money through YouTube videos, apps and podcast episodes; additionally he appears as guest mentor or judge in several shows.

His empire, comprised of paid partnerships with companies like EA, Bumble and SeatGeek is projected to generate $16 Million by 2020. Additionally, Clickbait sells hoodies, shorts and pants through his clothing line.

He owns a $2.5 million home in Los Angeles with a recording studio and collection of luxury vehicles on its grounds.

He has amassed an enormous social media following, beloved by millions around the globe. His success can be credited to hard work and dedication – something his followers admire immensely.

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