David Widerker

David Widerker

David Widerker is a philosopher renowned for his challenging of Harry Frankfurt’s Principle of Alternate Possibilities (PAP). According to this theory, people can only be held morally responsible if they could have avoided doing something they did.

Widerker’s argument is complex and fraught with difficulty. On one hand, it relies on Kantian imperative that ought implies can; yet on the other hand, there is no compelling reason to accept it as a valid principle.

Early Life and Education

David Widerker was born in Wilmington, North Carolina to an enslaved father and free mother. Growing up without much education due to his family’s financial struggles, David chose not to attend college.

He relocated to Boston in 1825 and opened a clothing store there. As an influential leader of Boston’s African American community, he became actively involved with various abolitionist organizations.

In 1829, Walker published “Appeal to the Colored Citizens of the World,” an eye-opening pamphlet which exposed slavery as a violation of key tenets of Christianity and America’s Founding creed. It warned against God’s justice promised violence against enslaving America. Though criticized for instigating violence, Walker’s ideas still influence today; many Civil Rights Movement leaders cite him as their inspiration.

Professional Career

David Widerker has had a remarkable professional journey. He began as a lawyer, transitioned into accounting, and ultimately found success as a management consultant within the financial services industry.

He is currently the General Manager of Palm Beach Opera, charged with making the company one of Florida’s premier arts and entertainment organizations. In his short time in office, he has achieved many remarkable successes such as successfully managing a COVID-19 global pandemic, maintaining surplus budgets and healthy cash reserves while engaging the company’s patrons and supporters, and adding an exciting new high-end production to complement its already impressive mainstage offerings.

The best part of it all is that he gets to spend most of his time at his desk in Carlisle.

Personal Life

David Widerker was born in 1961 and has been a Music Artist since age 28. At that time, he signed with a Record Company and released his first Solo Album. Since then, David has toured and performed worldwide, earning himself the reputation as one of the greatest Musicians of the 20th century. He’s renowned for his innovative work and has won several awards for it as well.

He has recorded fifteen solo albums and produced music for over 2,500 albums, film soundtracks, TV shows and radio commercials. He has earned numerous achievement awards and is widely regarded as one of the greatest artists of his generation.

Net Worth

David Widerker is an acclaimed Business Executive with an estimated net worth of $113 Million. This fortune was earned through his career in the industry; as Chief Risk Officer and Senior Managing Director for Pennymac Mortgage Investment Trust, his salary is $191,057 per year. Additionally, he owns 108,309 shares of Spirit AeroSystems Holdings Inc (SPR), valued at $4 Million; plus, his latest insider trades since 2013 are detailed in his Form 4 report filed on March 24th 2021 which details all stock trades made since 2013.

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