David Witkin

David Witkin

David Witkin is the CEO and Portfolio Manager of Beryl Capital Management. He earned his BA in Economics from Harvard University, with special expertise in merger arbitrage.

He previously served as an arbitrage analyst for Bear Sterns & Company and Mason Capital Management before later transitioning to portfolio manager at Citigroup Alternative Investments and Hayground Cove Asset Management.

Early Life and Education

David Witkin was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. After attending Saint Cecelia’s School and Cooper Union for his undergraduate education, he completed an MFA from University of New Mexico Albuquerque NM for further artistic growth.

Witkin is best-known for his bizarre photo shoots featuring morbid, gothic subjects such as dead bodies and disfigured human parts – including hermaphrodites, dwarfs and transsexuals. One of his greatest achievements may be creating an online gallery dedicated to his work that can be accessed globally; furthermore he serves as an active board member of Redondo Beach Unified School District; his College Savings Nights provided parents with vital advice about how best to prepare for increasing tuition costs.

Professional Career

David Witkin has over 13 years of experience working in the financial industry and currently works at Beryl Capital Management LLC as a registered investment advisor in California.

He holds Series 63 and 65 licenses, qualifying him both as a securities agent and investment advisor representative. Based in Redondo Beach, CA, he provides advice to individuals and families.

David Witkin has long been active in his community. In addition to serving as a professional, he serves as Vice President for Redondo Beach Unified School District (RBUSD) and organized “College Savings Nights”, an event designed to educate parents on opening Section 529 plans. Furthermore, Witkin led an effort to pass Measure K with City of Redondo Beach approval which will generate over $600k lease income per year for the RBUSD.

Achievement and Honors

Witkin made waves in the art world with his abstract forms of modern sculpture he helped develop while studying at Saint Martin’s School of Art in London with Sir Anthony Caro, alongside artists such as Phillip King, William G. Tucker, David Annesley and Michael Bolus.

Witkin’s sculptures were cast and poured from bronze. His works often included coloring with chemical solutions or patinas that changed over time.

Governor Pete Wilson famously described these summaries of California law as the envy of the nation.”

Personal Life

David Witkin devoted his life to upholding law and administering justice. He worked tirelessly to identify qualified candidates for judicial positions, serving as state chair for Senator Dianne Feinstein’s Judicial Selection Committee.

Witkin was an artist and photographer devoted to art and photography in his personal life, preferring traditional methods over computer technology for his creative output. This included toning, bleaching, scraping the negative and chemical printing; his photographs expressed his vision and fantasy about life – using 1960s twin-lens cameras with conventional film rolls as well as long exposure techniques with tripods for his images – techniques which helped him reach his artistic goals more successfully.

Net Worth

David Alexander Witkin is the Chief Executive and Portfolio Manager of Beryl Capital Management, an investment firm that specializes in merger arbitrage. He established this fund in 2013 in Redondo Beach, California; its offices can be found there. Witkin holds a bachelor of economics from Harvard University and has worked as an analyst since 1998 with Bear Stearns & Co., Mason Capital Management, Citigroup Alternative Investments and Hayground Cove Asset Management as a merger arbitrage analyst before managing his own money since 2009 and raising his first outside capital from investors in 2011.

He reportedly has an estimated net worth of $5 Million and serves on the plaintiff’s steering committee in car accident cases. Additionally, he has achieved multimillion-dollar results in complex cases such as Volkswagen emissions scandal litigation and Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep Ecodiesel marketing, sales practices, and products liability litigation.

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