David Worthington

David Worthington – Actor and Stuntman

David and Beverly Worthington founded The Worthington Scholarship Foundation with a vision that hard work, character, and scholarship should take precedence over finances or GPA when it comes to educational attainment.

Scholarships are an integral part of their legacy, but the Worthingtons also prioritize cultivating personal connections with scholarship recipients. They meet regularly to foster these bonds and ensure that these opportunities remain cherished forever.

Early Life and Education

David Worthington was a man of outstanding character. He never back down from a challenge and, in his later years, became an avid reader of Christian books.

His life was marked by many hardships, including heart disease that doctors predicted would take him within two to five years. Despite these odds, he never let that stop him and always worked to keep his family close by his side.

He established a scholarship in his name that rewards those students who demonstrate academic ability. The selection process isn’t straightforward and is based solely on grades; this program has been an incredible asset to the University of Southern Maine and is generously supported by generous donors.

Professional Career

David Worthington is an acclaimed actor and stuntman best known for his roles in Avatar, Clash of the Titans, and Terminator Salvation.

He is also a motorcycle racer and custom vehicle fabricator, having won several races along the way. With an extensive list of satisfied clients, his talents are in high demand.

He holds a degree in law and is licensed to practice law both in New Hampshire and Maine. Additionally, his experience includes insurance brokerage. With these credentials, he enjoys helping buyers and renters find the ideal property to suit their requirements.

Achievements and Honors

Beverly and David Worthington established The Worthington Scholarship Foundation to assist Maine students pursuing post-secondary education. They believe that a student’s success should not just be measured in terms of financial aid.

They wanted to guarantee that the scholarship program provided financial support, as well as a community of support. To foster those bonds and guarantee each student had the resources they needed for academic success and beyond, they met with recipients in person.

The Worthington Alliance of Black Families and Educators awards one $500 scholarship to an African American graduating senior from Thomas Worthington High School who plans on entering either a two or four year college program, formal technical or vocational training or military service. Applications are accepted annually.

Personal Life

Worthington was a sculptor renowned for her mobile stone sculptures that can be manually rotated on bearings. These works of interactive art promote engagement between viewers.

He was a dedicated family man, often spending his vacations at home and known for his devotion to his wife and children.

Worthington also worked as a freelance script writer and editor for television movies, series and serials. He was an active member of both Australian Writers & Directors Association and International Film & Television Producers Guild; also serving on the trustees at Marietta College and Texas Children’s Hospital as “Patient Pal”. Additionally, Worthington is the author of numerous books with his work featured in numerous publications; furthermore he has received many honors and awards in recognition of his efforts.

Net Worth

Sam Worthington, star of Avatar and Terminator Salvation, boasts a net worth of $30 million. He made his fortune through acting roles such as Jake Sully in the Avatar film series and Marcus Wright in Terminator Salvation; he also plays Perseus in Clash of the Titans and its sequel ‘Wrath of the Titans’.

He not only acts, but he’s also a sculptor. His creations feature kinetic sculptures that the public can interact with.

He has also starred in several television series, such as Out of the Blue, McCallum and New Street Law. His popularity among Scots is unsurpassed – he is widely considered to be one of the country’s most beloved actors.

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