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David Wronko – A New Jersey Lawyer

At a recent assembly, sixth and seventh grade social studies teacher David Wronko and his students honored two veterans. World War II veteran Lou Parisi and Vietnam veteran Wilbur V. Martin each presented three power point presentations about their service to the nation and answered student inquiries regarding their personal experiences.

He also runs Project Ghana, a weekly video-conferencing program in which Asbury Park seventh graders exchange ideas, culture and history with students from Ghana.

Early Life and Education

David Wronko received his legal education from two of New Jersey’s premier law firms. As a student at Rutgers University, he also participated in an intramural moot court competition and earned first place for oral argument and best brief. Following this triumph, he represented Rutgers at the national moot court tournament.

David Wronko is a history teacher and runs an ongoing educational initiative with students in Ghana. This involves weekly video conferencing between the two schools, allowing students to exchange ideas, culture and history. At an assembly recently held by david wronko’s students on Memorial Day, two veterans from World War II and Vietnam were honored with power point presentations as well as questions about their lives experiences.

Professional Career

David Wronko received his law training from two of New Jersey’s premier firms, Drinker Biddle & Shanley and McCarter & English. As a lawyer, his practice includes employment law (discrimination, retaliation and harassment issues), personal injury litigation and legal malpractice litigation. He has successfully represented clients in numerous disputes at both trial and appellate levels; including arguments before the United States Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit as well as New Jersey State and Federal courts.

On Memorial Day 2015, Mr. Wronko held an assembly for his sixth and seventh grade social studies students to honor two veterans from World War II and Vietnam. A power point presentation illustrated how Arlington Cemetery was founded and why it’s essential to remember those who have sacrificed their lives in service of our country.

Achievements and Honors

David Wronko, born and raised in Asbury Park, has earned numerous accolades throughout his career. He has been acknowledged for both his outstanding academic performances as well as his accomplishments in journalism.

As a seventh-grade teacher, he has led Project Ghana – an initiative that allows students from Asbury Park to communicate via video conference with those in Ghana. This allows them to gain insight into each other’s culture and history.

He was recently named to both Hofstra University’s provost’s list and University at Albany’s dean’s list for his academic excellence. Additionally, he received the New York State Association of Broadcasters award for excellence in journalism. At present, he works as a freelance reporter and hosts “MSG Varsity” on MSG-TV.

Personal Life

David Wronko was a loving husband, father, grandfather and friend who advocated for the arts and was an insightful debater. A proud member of the local Lions Club and frequent volunteer at Leduc Community Centre, David will be missed by his family and friends but always in our hearts.

David Wronko was an accomplished teacher, amateur photographer, and lover of nature. His photographs, particularly those of Leduc Community Centre, have been featured in many local and regional publications. When not traveling by bicycle with his family members, David enjoyed exploring local theatre performances as well. Furthermore, he took advantage of free WiFi at a nearby public library to read a lot of books.

Net Worth

David Wronko has a net worth of $1 million. This fortune was earned through running a program connecting seventh grade students from Asbury Park with students in Ghana through weekly video conferencing, helping the pupils understand each other’s culture and history. Furthermore, David is also a social studies teacher; recently organizing an assembly to honor two veterans – one from World War II and the other from Vietnam – with three power point presentations where students had the chance to ask questions and gain insight into both veterans’ stories.

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