Davida Brook

Davida Brook is a Litigation Partner at Susman Godfrey LLP

Davida Brook is a partner at Susman Godfrey LLP, where her practice encompasses commercial litigation at all levels. She represents clients in disputes involving two-party business and employment issues as well as complex multi-party and class action cases involving securities, contract law and patent law.

She has a particular expertise in defamation and intellectual property. As an accomplished litigator, she consistently achieves notable victories through meticulous research and analysis.

Early Life and Education

Davida Brook’s early life was shaped by her parents’ deep-seated passion for education and creativity. Her dad aspired to become a doctor, while her mom nurtured their daughter’s artistic side through song, poetry, and piano lessons.

She began writing poetry at an early age, publishing four poems in a local newspaper by age eleven and one single poem in a national magazine at thirteen. She shared her work with celebrated poets such as Langston Hughes and James Weldon Johnson who provided encouragement, guidance, and advice throughout the years.

She began teaching English at Columbia College, where she quickly rose to become the Rennebohm Professor of English and eventually Distinguished Professor of the Arts. Her innovative pedagogy included debates, panel discussions, reenactments, as well as encouraging students to write twenty poems each semester in forms ranging from Shakespearean sonnets to Japanese haikus to Beat poetry.

Professional Career

Davida Brook is a highly-rated litigator who brings litigation savvy and intellectual sharpness to her clients’ cases. She often prevails for her clients by demonstrating clarity and conviction in court as well as persuading judges, juries and arbitrators with her knowledge and skill set.

Her litigation practice encompasses a broad spectrum of matters related to securities, employment and intellectual property law. She has extensive expertise in complex defamation and privacy disputes as well.

As a law student, she co-founded Building a Better Legal Profession, an organization that ranks law firms based on their commitment to advancing women and people of color to equity partner status. At Susman Godfrey, she continues to champion diversity and inclusion by serving on the employment committee.

Achievements and Honors

Davida Brook has an impressive list of professional accomplishments and honors. As a partner at Susman Godfrey, her litigation practice focuses on technology, media and entertainment. Additionally, Davida serves as co-chair of the firm’s Employment Committee and donates her time to numerous community and charitable causes including the local chapter of American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

She is an MCCC alum and was named an honorary student for several years, topping the honor roll with academic achievements including receiving a Phi Theta Kappa award. As one of Mercer’s most experienced graduates with over 100 semesters completed and four degrees and two graduate certificates under her belt, she has been an invaluable asset to Mercer University – even being recognized at Honors Convocation, one of Mercer’s most prestigious events.

Personal Life

Davida Brook, born in Los Angeles, California, attended a private school before graduating from Stanford Law School in 2010.

She was passionate about the arts and writing as a young woman, crafting poems and articles which were published in local newspapers and magazines.

She also ran poetry workshops and writing competitions in Chicago schools, believing in the transformative power of words. After retiring from teaching, she dedicated her time to writing and speaking.

Brooks has been recognized by her peers as a Rising Star for 2016-2020, in recognition of her professional accomplishment and peer recognition. Additionally, she is involved with several legal and philanthropic organizations both locally in Los Angeles and nationally.

Net Worth

Davida Brook is a litigation expert with intellectual curiosity who consistently wins high-stakes cases for her clients. Her success stems from her dedication to uncovering all relevant information and comprehending the law at play in each case.

She was an integral member of a legal team that represented 7,000 limited partners who invested in oil and gas limited partnerships. They claimed defendants’ false and misleading statements and omissions in their proxy statements caused them to vote to divest themselves of their partnership rights, leading to losses exceeding millions.

She has also been involved in a number of #metoo lawsuits, such as those brought against MindGeek – parent company to YouPorn and Pornhub. Her clients have achieved multiple victories, and she is currently prosecuting similar defamation claims against Fox News, former Trump lawyers Sidney Powell and Rudy Giuliani, etc.

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