Davir Trucking

Davir Trucking and the DVIR

The Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR) is a document truck drivers must fill out as part of their daily work. This report alerts them to any defects or issues that could compromise the safety of a truck, so it’s essential for truckers to do this regularly in order to guarantee their vehicles remain in top condition.

Professional Career

Trucking can be an exhilarating and demanding career that involves long hours of travel. There are numerous chances to explore the country and meet new people along the way.

In the trucking industry, you have two choices: company driver or independent operator. Which route you take will determine what types of loads you haul and your pay rate as well as how much time spent driving en route.

Dave began his journey in trucking as a company driver. Eventually, he owned his own fleet of trucks transporting produce from California.

He now runs Smart Trucking, a website and YouTube channel dedicated to helping drivers hone their skills and knowledge of the trucking industry. Through his invaluable insight, thousands of truckers have been able to launch careers, negotiate better rates, gain respect for other drivers, and hone their driving abilities.

Achievements and Honors

The davir trucking industry boasts many notable accomplishments and honors. Truckers in the moving and storage sector are regularly recognized for their dedication to providing secure, dependable, and customer-oriented transportation solutions. Top accolades include awards and recognition for driver safety, mileage driven, equipment usage and community involvement. One of the most coveted awards in this field is the ATA Super Van Operator Award — an annual contest that recognizes America’s top commercial vehicle drivers and owner-operators for providing superior household goods trucking services. Winners are chosen based on criteria such as miles driven, safety record, equipment usage and time out of service due to safety violations or accidents.

Personal Life

Davir Trucking is an experienced owner-operator who grew up in the Canadian Rockies with a love of trucks. He began driving for a company in 1976 and purchased his first truck two years later, in 1984. 1993 saw him transition into independent trucking – hauling produce from California. Nowadays he’s semi-retired but still drives locally; plus he co-founded Smart Trucking which educates thousands of truckers about the industry every year since; his advice being sought by both newbies and veterans alike!

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