Days Of Our Lives September 15 2021

Days of Our Lives Episode 15 2021

Days of Our Lives has been on the air on NBC for 57 years. Now, the series is preparing for its move to Peacock, a new streaming service. It will also no longer air daily on NBC, but will instead air on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday.

The show’s eighth season starts in Miami and New Orleans, followed by Phoenix. Former characters like Eli Grant (Lamon Archey), Rolf (Roark Critchlow), and Marci Miller will return to the show, along with newcomers Victoria Grace (Wendy Shin), Kyle Lowder (Rex Brady), and Kevin Spirtas (Patrika Darbo).

On this week’s episode, Abe and Paulina take a romantic trip to San Francisco. At the same time, Rafe, Nicole, and Gabi face up to their feelings. When Steve and John are taken captive, Kayla tries to get them released. However, Megan reveals her plan to take over their minds.

The episode will feature intense scenes. Will and Sonny will compete in a drag competition to retrieve the emerald. Meanwhile, Leo (Greg Rikaart) becomes the newest suspect. He thinks someone is trying to frame him for Abigail’s death. But he refuses to give up.

Jake and Gabi feed into Philip’s jealousy. They play on his insecurities and make him believe he’s cheating on Chloe. In fact, he’s a liar. And if Philip is the one who killed Abigail, then he’s the wrong person to blame.

Stephanie returns to Salem and tells Paulina she has some surprising news for her. She’ll be back next week. Kristen will also be back in Salem. After crashing Brady and Chloe’s party for two at the Salem Inn, she reminds them of her past as a cheating whore. This leads to an awkward confrontation.

Xander and Sarah decide to get married. However, Gwen won’t be happy. Despite their differences, she wants to spend the rest of her life with Xander. Her family will not be happy about this.

Rachel goes bers over Brady and Chloe. When they confront her about her plan, she tells them she has a plan of her own. One that involves the prism, which is owned by Hope. Although it is her plan, it’s impossible to know if she’ll follow through.

During the episode, Will, Sonny, and Chad compete in a drag competition to get the emerald. Marlena is suspicious about her husband’s feelings. Also, Philip is worried about Chloe Lane.

The Salem episode ended with a tense scene between father and son. Sonny tells him he doesn’t believe Leo is the man who killed Abigail. However, he doesn’t want to be the one to tell his dad that he’s a liar. That’s when the walls close on Leo.

On a side note, Kyle will make a return to Days of Our Lives, along with Rex Brady. Patrika Darbo will be seen in a few scenes. Additionally, Jennifer Horton and Cady McClain are set to return to the show. Ben Weston and Ciara Brady Weston will also be making a return.

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