Dazed And Confused Costume Ideas

Guide to the Best Dazed and Confused Costume Ideas

Featuring a stellar ensemble of high school students on their first night of summer break, Dazed and Confused was one of the most influential movies of its time. Although not as epic as its illustrious predecessor Dazed, it does boast an impressive cast, memorable one liners, and, of course, great fashion. If you’re a fan of the movie, or a fan of the early 90s, you may want to take a spin down memory lane with the guide to the best Dazed and Confused costume ideas.

The first trick in the Dazed and Confused costume is to make sure you get the right color scheme. For the most part, a good go-to is to find a combination of white and tan jean shorts or pants, and white jeans. You can also get creative with the outfit. A nice white shirt, worn with some denim cutoffs, is a fine way to get the look.

Another trick is to wear a light weight sweater that’s made of a material that can be easily tucked in. This will ensure you don’t have to worry about snagging it and ruining the jean shorts or pants. Finally, you can add a blingy bauble for good measure. To finish off the look, you might want to add a pair of platform clogs for a bit of height.

There are plenty of other dazzlers in Dazed and Confused, but the best one is the one sported by Kevin Pickford. He wore an Aloha shirt as a hat, and it’s a simple and inexpensive costume to replicate. It’s also a great way to channel the hippie spirit and pretend you’re in a hippie utopia. Alternatively, you could channel David Wooderson, a.k.a. James Franco’s doppelgänger.

While there’s no question that the best Dazed and Confused costume idea is to go rogue, you can also take inspiration from the cast to come up with some of your own. From Darla Marks’ iconic Seniors sweater to James Franco’s doppelgänger, there’s no shortage of fads to emulate. Just be careful not to be a copycat. But if you’re not going for the full hog, you might just be able to get away with the one sported by Milla Jovovich.

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