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Danetta Henry Wins Henry Award For Best New Play

Danetta Henry was a single mother to two and worked in a nursing home before recently moving into a Fresno townhouse with Dezhane and Dezmond – their respective children – of which Henry is also one.

Lora White became acquainted with Alvin Dalton and Lora White as neighbors; during an argument between their families on March 2, 2011 Dalton fired his gun towards them, striking fear into their hearts and sending shockwaves through both households.

Early Life and Education

Danetta Henry lived happily with her two children, Dezmon and Dazhane, in Fresno, California in a small townhouse. She worked at a nursing home as well as being a single parent; her life was fulfilling as she had plenty of family close by.

According to evidence presented, after she and her daughter came into contact with Lora White outside their apartment complex, an argument ensued. Lora then went back inside her house before emerging later with a pot of hot water which she dumped on Danetta.

Petitioner alleges that the trial court abruptly stopped cross-examining his daughter and altered the reporter’s transcript in this case, both of which are false allegations. Furthermore, evidence supports his claim that there was no prejudicial and biased remark made by trial court personnel.

Professional Career

Henry has appeared on several television programs, such as Prank Encounters on Netflix, BlackIsh and MixedIsh from Comedy Central and David Spade’s Fameless on TruTV and CSI: Cyber on CBS. She also is an experienced host and voiceover artist; having performed sketch work for both The Wanda Sykes Show and Pete Holmes Show before moving onto hosting online content for America’s Funniest Videos.

She resides in Fresno, California where she is an actress collective Actors Equity Association member.

Achievement and Honors

This morning, Colorado Theatre Guild honored their top member companies with the Henry Awards, including Fine Arts Center Theatre Company at Colorado College who received six nominations! The Denver Center for the Performing Arts took home four nods for 9 to 5: The Musical while Miners Alley Playhouse earned just one nomination this time for its performances of Lungs and Lost in Yonkers, both which won big at last year’s Henrys. Notable absences include Phamaly’s Into the Woods, Denver Vintage Theatre’s Every Brilliant Thing and 1984, Boulder Ensemble Theatre Company’s production of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and Lake Dillon Theatre Company stepping back from further consideration this year.

Personal Life

She was a single mother who resided with her daughter and son. She was known to always encourage them to strive towards becoming the best versions of themselves possible.

In March 2011 she and her children met their new neighbors, Alvin Dalton and Lora White. It was an enjoyable meeting; all parties seemed to get along well.

Later that day, there was an altercation. While cleaning his door lock outside, the defendant heard Danetta and Lora cussing and fighting. He grabbed Dazhane off of Lora before seeing that Lora was hitting and kicking Dazhane; telling Lora they needed one-on-one fights instead, until eventually being hit five or six times by Lora before opening fire on all three women.

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