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Deacon Steve Snyder

Deacon Steve takes an innovative approach to helping his clients address their financial concerns. He creates tailored financial plans that go far beyond investing, working closely with individuals, executives and business owners alike.

Deacons (from Greek: diakonos, helper) are members of the threefold Christian ministry, below priest and bishop. Within Catholicism, deaconhood is an ordained position.

Early Life and Education

Deacon Steve has been involved with church ministry throughout his life; more formally since being appointed a permanent deacon in 2008. Together with his wife Marilyn, Deacon Steve attends Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Orange County where he teaches baptismal preparation classes; helps prepare couples for marriage preparation seminars; preside at funerals and weddings without Mass as well as weekday Word and Communion services and leads funeral procession.

Deacons play an essential role within their local church communities and communities of faith, offering teaching (lectures, Bible studies and retreat leadership) and social welfare work as part of a separate ministry from priesthood.

His mother may not be Catholic, but she fully supports his involvement with the church. He credits Msgr. Eugene Wojcik and Father Benjamin Stern with helping him discover his call to ministry.

Professional Career

Deacon Steve Snyder works as an environmental health specialist for the state of Arizona and serves as president of Catholic Foundation East Tennessee as well as being a fourth degree knight with Knights of Columbus.

After years of discernment, prayers, and the Holy Spirit’s encouragement, he entered deacon formation. Since then he has served his parish as a sacristan, extraordinary minister of Communion, lector, substitute sacristan, acolyte and worship committee member, along with serving as fish fry chairman.

He holds both his undergraduate and master’s degrees from Duquesne University, working as laboratory manager at Battelle Memorial Institute. Along with his wife, they are proud parents to two children; in Cleveland TN they attend St Therese of Lisieux Parish where he regularly serves.

Achievement and Honors

Deacon Manny credits Licia, as well as all those who have provided support, with answering God’s call on their lives to pursue diaconate ministry. Additionally, Deacon Manny expresses his appreciation to Father Bill McGovern, formation team members, Jim Bell and Jim Fuller – his deacon mentors – who provided him guidance and an example of service during this journey.

He and his wife attend St. Mary’s Catholic Church in Weatherford where he volunteers as a Eucharistic minister and adult education instructor. Additionally, he serves at Anamosa State Prison as well as leading weekday Word and Communion services, presided over baptisms, witnessed marriages and assisted at weekend Masses.

In 2012, he and his wife received the Robert E. Paikowski Distinguished Service Award from the Diocese of Lubbock in recognition of their stewardship work. This award recognizes those who exemplify stewardship both as an act of worship and as part of everyday living.

Personal Life

Deacon Steve has an understanding wife who supports his Catholic ministry. She’s used to seeing him assist at Mass, lead Bible studies and serve on parish pro-life committee meetings – not forgetting being busy on weekends and Holydays!

Steve had lived a decade of destructive lifestyle. To improve his circumstances, he made the difficult decision to seek sobriety and recovery programs; yet change wasn’t easy for him – there were numerous setbacks before finally turning a corner.

At present, he volunteers at Anamosa State Penitentiary and Shady Rest Care Center as well as performing weekly word and communion services at his church. Additionally, his business background provides him with unique insight into the need for wise stewardship in church matters.

Net Worth

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