Death Row Records Chain

Snoop Dogg Gives Stephen Curry a Death Row Records Chain

Snoop Dogg, one the most revered figures in hip-hop, gifted Stephen Curry a Death Row Records chain. Recently, the rapper shared an Instagram video of the gift. Snoop has a long relationship with Death Row. He bought the music label in February. He stated that he was excited to start a Death Row Records company. Curry will love the gift, regardless of whether he is a fan or not.

Until recently, only the most elite were able to get hold of a Death Row Records chain. The Game stated, “If you had Death Row Records chains, you’d do any thing for them.” He made it available to the public today. You can now purchase the Death Row Records chain online. You can also choose from a variety of chains on the site. Some chains feature more than 400 CZ stones, while others are made of gold and silver.

While Snoop has a long history with the Death Row Records label, he has a recent connection with the NFL. Snoop was a part of the label from the mid-to late 1990s. However, he became an executive creative and strategic consultant for Death Row Records in June 2021. Currently, Eli Manning wears the Death Row Chain for special occasions. It has been seen on radio and in public.

Snoop Dogg is expected become Death Row’s most-sold artist after Dr. Dre leaves. Two albums have been released by him on Death Row. His other albums include Tha Doggfather, Gridlock’d, and Lady of Rage. Death Row’s catalog is expected to generate $15 million in revenue by 2021. Snoop Dogg’s investment in Death Row will keep the label going and growing.

Snoop’s new Death Row Records necklace is inspired by his 20th studio album. It contains 13 carats natural VS diamonds, and 250 grams gold. The rapper recently teased his fans with a clip of himself wearing a zip-up jacket to promote his upcoming Super Bowl performance. This new piece will make a great addition for any fashion collection. You can find out more about Snoop on Instagram.

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