Deborah Jack

Deborah Jack

Jack uses video/sound installations, photography, painting and text work to explore trans-cultural existence, colonialism and mythology through memory. She has shown in solo and group shows worldwide.

Her works often explore scale, whether monumental as in SHORE or miniature such as her Bounty series from Bonaire salt mountains.

Early Life and Education

Deborah (or Debora in some versions of the bible) was an ancient biblical prophetess who led Israel’s forces to victory against Canaanite enemies during the 12th century B.C. She is revered as one of their champions.

Jack is an internationally acclaimed visual artist whose works explore trans-cultural existence, memory and its effects through rememory. Her video/sound installation, photography, painting and text works use multiple strategies to investigate how culture intersects with ecology in today’s globalized environment.

Love, Ruby Lavender was a New York Times bestseller and an American Library Association Notable Book; Ezra Jack Keats Books for Reading and Sharing selection; Bank Street Fiction Award recipient. Additionally, both Each Little Bird That Sings and Freedom Summer were nominated for National Book Awards and featured as Library Sense 76 selections.

Professional Career

Deborah Jack is both an artist and poet whose work explores how personal history connects to landscape and natural phenomena. Her artwork has been featured in solo and group exhibitions across Europe and the Caribbean; two poetry collections of hers titled Rainy Season and Skin have also been released and have been included in literary journals like Calabash and Caribbean Writer.

Jack uses her island home’s seascape and landscape as both subject matter and medium in her practice, employing video/sound installation, photography, painting and text as tools to mine intersections between colonial histories, cultural memory, ecology and climate change. Her work subtly disrupts tropical fantasies by playing with scale.

Achievement and Honors

Deborah Jack has won multiple awards as a visual artist. She has participated in multiple literary festivals including Utan Kayu Literary Bienale and Global Poetry Festival; as well as giving readings and teaching writing workshops worldwide.

She is also a published poet, having produced two collections of poetry. Her works have appeared in publications like The Caribbean Writer and Calabash.

Her artwork explores the turbulent history of her homeland and the effects of colonialism on culture, tradition, and family. Recurring themes include sea life in relation to black people as well as lens-based media to illustrate these wider concerns. Furthermore, she believes that landscape itself holds many Black histories which often go unexamined in archives.

Personal Life

Deborah Jack is a visual artist and poet specializing in video/sound installation, photography, painting and text. Her work examines trans-cultural existence, memory and the effects of colonialism on family, culture and tradition; using various strategies she exploits the intersections among histories, cultural memory, ecology and climate change as she navigates a global present.

As a multidisciplinary artist, she explores natural spaces as sites of cultural memory and knowledge to tell tales of past and present, loss and trauma, healing and transformation. As a Black femme writer/poet with two poetry collections under her belt – exploring Black femme literary traditions as well as strategies of survival; receiving several grants and awards including a Lightwork residency residency award – and her works having been shown internationally,

Net Worth

Deborah is a multi-disciplinary artist working across video/sound installation, photography, painting and text. In addition to these practices, Deborah also serves as a college instructor and has published two poetry collections; performing them across the Caribbean, United States and Indonesia.

She boasts an estimated net worth of $5 Million and invests in various ventures. A regular participant on TV show Dragons’ Den, she has invested in 33 businesses.

Eugene Levy and Sarah have two children together: Daniel co-created Schitt’s Creek which earned numerous award nominations and several wins; Eugene himself has an estimated net worth of $20 Million while her assets minus debts equal her net worth.

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