Dentist New Hartford Ny

Dentist in New Hartford, NY

Dr. Howard Feldman

Howard Feldman, DDS, is a dentist in New Hartford, NY who provides a wide variety of dental services. He received special training in diagnosing and treating dental problems and oral diseases. Dentists treat various oral conditions, such as abscessed teeth, bad breath, and tooth decay. They also perform root canals, extractions, and dental exams.

Dr. Howard Feldman accepts most insurance plans. He can accept your dental insurance plan. Patients can call his practice for a consultation. You can also inquire about his payment terms.

Dr. Michael Kessler

The practice of Dr. Michael Kessler in New Hartford, NY, is one of the most popular in the area. He has years of experience and has passed a thorough screening for malpractice. He is board certified in dentistry and provides general dental care. In addition to general dentistry, Dr. Kessler offers dental services for a variety of other health conditions.

Dr. Michael Kessler is a highly-rated dentist in New Hartford, NY with an overall patient satisfaction rating of 4.1. He specializes in preventing gum disease, bad breath, and treating oral diseases and conditions. In addition to general dental care, he performs oral cancer screenings and can perform small oral surgeries.

Dr. Roman S. Melnyk

Dr. Roman S. Melnyk has been in the practice of dentistry since 1983. He began his career as a general dentist in Minneapolis, Minnesota while attending graduate school. He later worked as a periodontist in Syracuse, New York from 1985 to 1988. In July 1988, he opened his own practice in New Hartford. In December 2003, he moved the practice to One Paris Road in New Hartford.

Dr. Roman S. Melnyk is a periodontist, which means that he specializes in treating patients with gum disease. His practice is focused on diagnosing and treating periodontal diseases, which include periodontitis, gingivitis, and peridontitis. He also treats complicated periodontal problems, such as those caused by a complex medical history. His services include scaling and root planing, as well as root surface debridement. Additionally, he treats people suffering from sleep apnea, which can be caused by enlarged adenoids or tonsils.

Dr. Andrew Spiridigloizzi

Dr. Andrew Spiridigloizzi is a dentist who is a Central New York native. He graduated from Notre Dame High School in Utica in 1987 and attended Siena College. He earned his Bachelor of Science Degree there in 1991 and he completed his Doctor of Dental Surgery at the State University of New York at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine in 1995. He also holds a Certificate of Achievement in Pediatric Dentistry.

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