Devall Atkins Net Worth

Devall Atkins net worth is an established YouTube star who has amassed over 80 million views across his channels. He is best-known for his parenting vlogs on Daddy Duties with Devall; these films depict him and his family engaging in activities ranging from playing pranks on one another to cooking together.

Early Life and Education

Devall Atkins worked for an esteemed legal and business magazine until recently, covering the US Supreme Court as an assignment. Her time with them enabled her to simultaneously indulge her passions for writing and law.

Atkins graduated from Columbia at a time when many newspapers were downsizing staffs, yet she managed to secure employment at the Boston Globe after following a recruiter on a shuttle bus and handing her her resume.

Atkins became famous as a blogger; however, her early life remains unknown. What is known is that she was born free during an era in Massachusetts when Africans were often enslaved; Atkins was also the first black person to purchase a home there.

Professional Career

After graduating from Columbia, Atkins faced difficulty finding work due to newspaper hiring freezes. She eventually succeeded by following a Globe recruiter on a shuttle bus ride from LaGuardia and handing her resume over. With persistence she finally landed one at The Herald where she reported on health and education issues before being asked by them to cover state politics in Massachusetts; which she found fascinating due to its relatively small size yet large political impact. In 2007, Atkins relocated to DC for legal trade publication’s coverage of Supreme Court cases – something which combined her interest for law with her love of writing as well as enjoying its fast pace!

Personal Life

Beauti-is Her-name is an immensely popular YouTube vlogger renowned for her beauty and family content, often featuring her children. Her videos have amassed over 803 million views – she also has six children herself! In terms of personal life, Beauti is married with six kids!

Devall is best known for her parenting vlogs on her Daddy Duties with Devall channel, where she films her family engaging in activities ranging from playing pranks on each other to creating dinner together.

Net Worth

Beauti-is Her-Name is an esteemed YouTube Star best known for her beauty and family vlogs on her Beauti-is Her-name channel, garnering over 788 Million views to date. She is mother to Jaelyn, Jordan, Jeremy, Juliana Jacey Jayceon – with numerology showing she was born January 15, 1985! Her Life Path Number is 1.

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