Diana House Animal Crossing New Horizons

Animal Crossing New Horizons Character Guide – Diana

Diana is a snobbish deer villager from the Animal Crossing video game series. She made her debut in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and has been a regular character ever since. Her name may be a reference to the mythical Diana, Goddess of the Hunt. Her house is designed like a spa, and she has a love of education, wearing Rimmed Glasses when outside or reading a book. She also keeps a magnifying lens, which she uses to see certain objects.

Diana first appeared in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. She made the jump to New Horizons in the role of the snootiest Deer Villager in the game. It is believed that Diana is named after Diana, the Roman goddess Diana the Hunt, whose symbol was a deer. Diana’s Spanish name refers also to the Disney character Bambi.

Diana can be rude and will often talk about other people’s appearances. She will also confide in you her personal feelings. She may not be able to get along with lazy or joking villagers. She can be a little rude at first, but she will soon warm up to you.

Diana’s home has a mystical feel to it, and it reflects her love for friends. Diana even helps a normal villager named Jock. In addition, her exterior house is designed with a similar color scheme as Diana’s interior. It features a Light Gray Thatch Roof and White Cobblestones. Despite the fact that Diana is a white deer, the curtains on her windows are shaped like her hooves and ears. Her bathroom also features a Whirlpool Bath, which is right above a Beach Towel.

Diana is an incredibly colorful character. Her basic outfit consists of a long-sleeved dress with a velvet purple front and sheer sleeves with a floral pattern. Her hands and feet are a dark pink/red, matching her cheeks and blush.

Diana enjoys meditation. She also likes purple and pink colors. She also loves to listen to music. Farewell is her favorite song. She may not always get along with everyone and can be subtly rude to others. She does however have an extraordinary personality. Diana, a Princess, is well-known for her love of meditation and being famous. You can fulfill Diana’s request and gift her an Elegant Lamp or Aroma Pot or Fortune-Telling Set.

Although Diana seems snobbish at first, she will warm up as you get to know her. Getting her will be tricky, but it is possible to obtain her. However, you need to be patient. Flying to New Horizons is the best way to get Diana. Once you have done this, you will need to wait for Diana to appear. It’s a matter of luck, so be prepared to wait for her to show up.

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