Did Rudy Coronado Remarry

Did Carol Coronado and Rudy Coronado Remarry?

During the five years that Carol Coronado and Rudy Coronado were married, they had three children. They had a daughter named Yazmine, a daughter named Sophia, and a daughter named Xenia. Their youngest daughter was just one year old when the crime occurred.

A Los Angeles County prosecutor said that Carol Coronado planned to kill her entire family, blaming her for killing the children because of a marital disagreement. However, the defense team believes that Coronado was suffering from postpartum psychosis. During the trial, the defense lawyer brought up her depression and mental instability. The defense attorneys hoped that they could use this information to prove that Coronado was insane at the time of the crimes.

At the start of the trial, the prosecutor said that the crime was motivated by a “breakdown” in the relationship between Coronado and her husband. She also accused Coronado of having “paranoid delusions.” In fact, she has never shown any emotion in front of a judge or jury, even when photographs of her daughters’ slain bodies were displayed. It was as if she was looking up at the ceiling, with a blank stare.

The trial was held in Compton, California. The judge, Ricardo Ocampo, found Coronado guilty of first-degree murder for the crimes. The trial continued and a jury was asked to determine whether Coronado would face the death penalty. The judge found Coronado sane at the time of the crimes.

During the trial, the court heard testimony from both Coronado and her husband, Rudy. Rudy told the court that he believed his wife was not sane at the time of the crime. He repeatedly asked for her to be sent to a mental hospital. He argued that if she was sane, she would have killed her kids. He said that Carol was molested as a child and that her mental condition was the result of this. He says she had a hard time sleeping and was overwhelmed with caring for three babies.

According to the prosecution, Coronado was naked in her bedroom when she killed the girls. She was armed with three knives. She said she was tired and confused. She had no idea why she was stabbing them. Her husband, Rudy, testified that his wife’s behavior changed in May. The couple had arguments over cleaning the house. They did not have enough money to buy clothes. During the trial, the prosecutors also cited a “potty accident” that occurred on the day of the murders.

The defense lawyer, who has been working with Carol since the crime occurred, has alleged that Coronado was suffering from depression and postpartum psychosis. The defendant has been prescribed IV antibiotics and is under medical care. She was diagnosed with psychotic disorder not otherwise specified, which means she has a psychiatric disorder but it does not fit the legal definition of a mental disorder.

The prosecutors and defense attorney plan to present evidence that Coronado suffered from postpartum psychosis. They will also argue that the psychosis was a response to the rigors of caring for three babies in less than three years.

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