Did The Clermont Twins Sue Bgc

Why Did the Clermont Twins Sue BGC?

After being kicked out of BGC, the Clermont twins, Shannon and Jela, were forced to sue the production company for not doing enough to keep them safe. After a violent incident, the Clermont Twins filed a lawsuit against BGC. They won the case. This lawsuit cost the BGC production company over $200k in damages. However, the Clermont twins were not the only ones who sued the BGC production team.

The Clermont twins have had work done to many body parts, including the buttocks, bosom, cheek, chin, and lips. The Clermont twins have had 20 Brazilian buttlifts. In addition to this, they have had several other plastic surgeries to their faces.

Shannon and Shannade Clermont first received media attention through their role on the popular TV show “Bad Girls Club.” They have since developed a massive social media presence. In addition, they appeared alongside Paris Hilton in Kanye West’s Yeezy Season 6 collection, where they were deemed ‘Kim Kardashian clones’. The Clermont Twins also walked the runway at Gypsy Sport, appearing in a Yeezy Season 6 clone campaign.

Instagram is well-known for the Clermont Twins. They are well-known for their infamous destruction of houses and appearing half-naked. In a tearful Instagram video, they reunited with their sister. While their lawsuit against the BGC company is still ongoing, the Clermont twins are taking steps to make amends for the harm they caused.

The Clermont Twins’ case has been polarizing. In the early days of the lawsuit, Alesi’s family and friends stared at the Clermont crew with a lot of curiosity. Their curiosity was not the only thing that intrigued them about the case. However, their fame has been very polarizing.

Season 16 saw BGC cast some social media influencers to boost ratings. Olivia claimed she was suffering from cancer, but later denied the claims. This led to the rejection of the BGC team by its fans, who viewed it with disdain. After season 16, the ratings of the show decreased, and Oxygen has decided not to renew it.

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