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DMX’s Sister Roxanne Says Her Brother Was Not in the Disturbing Call

Roxanne is DMX’s sister. According to his sister, the rapper was placed in foster care as an infant. He was left by his mother in a children’s home, and he began to use drugs and crime to cope with his upbringing. It was this life experience that led him to cocaine addiction. DMX has spoken out about his struggles with drug addiction in his songs.

DMX’s sister says her brother did not participate in the disturbance call in Spartanburg. She claims that her brother was napping in his hotel room when the police arrived. The rapper was visiting his father who was ill. Although the hotel notified the police, they did not take a report.

DMX’s parents divorced in 2010, leaving behind a daughter and a son. His parents had no will, so all of DMX’s assets are divided equally among his 15 children. His creditors have not yet been paid. The rapper’s fiancee was also the mother of his youngest child.

Despite the death of DMX, his family continues to be close to each other. Montana was DMX’s manager in the late 1990s. He was also the President and Director for the Ruff Ryder entertainment imprint. Although DMX and his family have not commented on the matter, there are reports that Montana and DMX have a relationship.

DMX was a hip hop legend who influenced the music world. He was a good friend to his nephews and sisters. He was also a great father. His passing is a tragedy for the music industry. The death of this rap icon has had a lasting impact in hip hop.

In the early 1990s, DMX was a member of New York’s Deans. The East Coast was the epicenter of hip hop at that time, and competition was intense. By the early 21st century, DMX and his fellow members became one of the biggest hip hop acts in the world. Their labelmates included Eve, The LOX, and Swizz Beatz.

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