Donna D’Errico Net Worth

Donna D’Errico is an accomplished actress and model. She has appeared in countless films and television shows; perhaps best known for her role in Baywatch.

Playboy magazine honored her as “Playmate of the Month” in September 1995 and from 1996-1998 she appeared as one of its stars on Baywatch television series.

She has appeared in over 28 films and TV shows. Additionally, she shares a daughter with rocker Nikki Sixx.

Early Life and Education

Donna D’Errico has become a familiar face on television screens across America and in various films. Additionally, she manages her career with two young children at home while remaining the perfect parent role model.

She was honored as Playboy magazine’s Playmate of the Month in September 1995, as well as appearing in numerous television shows and movies like ‘Baywatch Nights’ and ‘Unhappily Ever After’.

In 2012, she achieved her lifelong ambition of climbing Mount Ararat in Turkey in search of frozen remains from Noah’s Ark – only to fall near its summit and suffer injuries as she attempted her goal. A vegan, she supports animal rights as well as numerous humanitarian causes; currently living in Calabasas with her day spa business and having been born 30 March 1968 in Dothan Alabama.

Professional Career

D’Errico has become an in-demand choice as a model due to her remarkable talent for captivating the camera and being captivating on film and television shows. Additionally, her seductive appeal helps secure high-profile roles.

D’Errico has established herself as a film actress through movies like ‘Escape from Area 51’ and ‘Survive the Game’, and also hosted television show Battlebots.

D’Errico has shown a great dedication to her family and meaningful relationships in her personal life, supporting various children’s charities and disaster-relief projects through philanthropy efforts. Additionally, she has explored spirituality by becoming a Reiki master; these enlightened views help guide her decisions and actions as she makes decisions and takes actions accordingly. Besides these charitable pursuits, she has invested in several real estate properties.

Achievement and Honors

Donna D’Errico has amassed considerable wealth through her modeling career. Her sensuous poses have drawn the interest of photographers, and she has graced runway shows for several acclaimed designers.

She has appeared in various movies and TV shows. D’Errico played Donna Marco on Baywatch from 1996-1998; additionally she’s appeared in films like The Making of Plus One, Green Valley, Candyman 3: Day of the Dead, Jennifer Tilly Intervention and Inconceivable.

The stunning model and entrepreneur have also ventured into business ownership by opening up their own luxurious day spa in California. She remains committed to her craft both on and off screen while being an outstanding philanthropist who donates generously to several causes.

Personal Life

Donna D’Errico has persevered through a turbulent personal life and managed to build up a considerable fortune, according to People With Money. According to People With Money, Donna D’Errico currently ranks amongst one of the highest-paying actresses worldwide with an estimated net worth of over $82 Million.

D’Errico first gained recognition as Playboy’s Playmate of the Month in September 1995. From 1996-1998 she starred on Baywatch while also making several guest appearances such as Unhappily Ever After and Married with Children.

D’Errico shares two children with rock musician Nikki Sixx. She is vegan and supports animal rights. In Calabasas, California where she runs a day spa. D’Errico also loves adventure – having scaled Mount Ararat where Noah’s Ark rested after its return from flood waters.

Net Worth

Her stunning beauty and charismatic presence has won over audiences, earning her numerous modeling gigs with esteemed photographers as well as feature spots in various magazines including Playboy.

After finding success in acting, she went on to secure her breakthrough role of Donna Marco in Baywatch on television, among many other films and shows, such as High Tide”, Candyman: Day of the Dead”, Austin Powers in Goldmember”, Reno 911!” and Brooklyn Nine-Nine”.

D’Errico has faced many difficulties but remains focused on providing her children with a safe and nurturing environment. Her dedication and resilience have won her the admiration of many fans around the world, including living in Los Angeles with her husband and daughter.

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