Doubling Down With The Derricos Dawsyn

Doubling Down With the Derricos – What’s Happening to Dawsyn?

If you’re watching TLC’s Doubling Down With the Derricos, you’ve probably wondered about their daughter Dawsyn. The show follows Karen and Deon Derrico as they raise 14 children. They have one set of quintuplets and a set of twins. Their latest child was born with a hole in her heart, and she’s required a heart surgery.

It was a rough few months for the Derricos. One of their twins, Carter, died in the NICU shortly after birth. Despite this, Karen and Deon were able to bring their new triplets home. But when Dawsyn was diagnosed with a heart condition, she needed two surgeries. However, they were able to avoid a third surgery.

While Dawsyn was initially able to thrive, she later developed pneumonia and COVID-19. After that, she was readmitted to the hospital due to health concerns. When fans learned of her condition, they started praying for their baby.

In response, the Derricos decided to hire Eric Jefferson, a pediatric surgeon from Dallas. He specializes in infant and toddler cardiology. Deon and Karen are both very concerned about bonding with their daughter, and feel they don’t have the support they need to care for her. Luckily, they are making progress and have a much stronger bond now.

Aside from the triplets, the show also featured a novel coronavirus, which the Derricos have dealt with before. During the show, viewers saw Deon and Karen struggle with raising their 14 children.

The Derricos have faced many other challenges throughout their life, including foreclosure and bankruptcy. Even though they’ve had success with their TLC show, they’re still battling financial woes. Some of their homes have gone through foreclosure, and Deon has been charged with gross misdemeanor accounts. Whether they are able to resolve these issues or not isn’t clear. Regardless, the Derricos continue to live in the Las Vegas house where the show was filmed.

As for Dawsyn’s medical care, it’s unclear if she’ll have another surgery. However, the good news is she’s showing signs of improvement and her smile has returned. She’s also getting a lot more personality. Hopefully, she’ll stay healthy for the long haul.

There’s no doubt that the Derricos have had a rough time, and the show has only been on for a few months. Still, their story is touching. We’ll keep following their progress on social media. Fans are eager to hear about what’s next for them. So be sure to tune in Tuesdays at 10/9c on TLC! Don’t forget to share your prayers!

You can also read about the Derricos’ story on their Facebook page. They’ve been updating fans on how they’re doing. And while the show has its fair share of troubles, they’re working through them. Thankfully, they’re able to enjoy the present a bit more now.

Another big surprise for the Derricos is the fact that Dawsyn has a heart condition. This was actually something that was covered during the first season of the show. Though fans didn’t see the surgery, they were glad to hear that she’ll be able to enjoy a healthier future.

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