Dr Lisa Jones Net Worth

Lisa Jones is a gastroenterologist at UW Health System who specializes in pelvic floor and anorectal disorders that cause difficulty with evacuation, fecal incontinence or rectal pain.

Nat Geo Wild features Jan Pol in The Incredible Dr. Pol, which follows his mixed animal clinic located in rural Michigan.

Early Life and Education

Before becoming a veterinarian, Lisa Jones spent an extended time working at McDonald’s where she learned how to follow scripts and upsell customers. Later she went on to work in higher education for over 30 years before finally becoming a veterinarian.

While in higher education, she was instrumental in the implementation of academic, equity and innovation programs as well as leading initiatives supporting student success and enrollment growth.

After joining Pol Veterinary Services in 2020, her career has taken an exciting new turn. Since then, fans have seen her treat all kinds of animals ranging from dogs and cows. Known for her impeccable skills and steady hands, she has appeared in 56 episodes of the show with plans to continue acting in at least another season.

Professional Career

She currently teaches students the principles and practice of instructional design, drawing upon both her background in clinical psychology and technology to provide her teaching with a unique edge.

She has written and performed in multiple plays, such as Carmella and King Kong and Combination Skin, both written and performed by herself. Additionally, she was part of Rodeo Caldonia – a collective for women feminists – as well as working as a consultant in mental health field where she is certified Evergreen Clinical Trauma Professional.

She serves as faculty in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology of the Department of Medicine, serving as medical director for pelvic floor and anorectal disorders as well as being recognized with an UWSMPH Centennial Scholar award – an initiative that supports faculty whose diversity enhances education and research at UWSMPH – she is also co-faculty for Female Pelvic Medicine Reconstructive Fellowship program.

Achievement and Honors

Jones first created two plays as part of Rodeo Caldonia: Carmella and King Kong and Combination Skin, which premiered at Company One in Hartford, CT. She collaborated with fellow Rodeo Caldonia member Alva Rogers to produce three more New American Radio plays: Aunt Aida’s Hand, Stained and Ethnic Cleansing.

As an associate veterinarian at Pol Veterinary Services and since the start of Dr. Pol’s reality television show four years ago, she has made regular appearances. Additionally, she serves as medical director for pelvic floor and anorectal disorders in their clinic.

As well as her work at a veterinary clinic, she conducts research on technology-based harassment victimization and serves as co-investigator in an evaluation of Google’s Be Internet Awesome program – for which she received the UW-SMPH Centennial Scholar award.

Personal Life

Lisa Jones prefers to keep her personal life out of the public eye. She does not appear to be married nor have any children as of yet; instead she keeps busy by working at her clinic and appearing on Pol Veterinary Services.

Jan Pol and Brenda Grettenberger in Weidman, Michigan to produce Nat Geo Wild channel show which currently airs for 17th season.

Jones has found her calling in instructional design at Asbury University where she lectures adult and online students on emerging technologies in education. In addition, she serves as faculty for Women’s Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery program as faculty. Jones’ net worth can vary based on a combination of social factors that could change over time.

Net Worth

According to various estimates, Lisa Jones currently boasts an estimated net worth between $1-5 Million earned as a professional journalist.

She has held this role with Pioneer Investment Management USA Inc since 2014. In this capacity she serves as President, Chief Executive Officer, and Trustee – positions she has held since 2014.

Dr. Lisa Jones is married, with one child. She’s an active member of her community and contributes to various charitable causes.

Lisa Jones was born September 13th 1961 and raised in New Jersey as the daughter of poets Hettie Jones and Amiri Baraka. After attending Yale, Lisa gained fame through her Village Voice columns where she garnered both critical acclaim as well as receiving the Bessie Award for creative work. Today, Lisa serves as faculty at UWSMPH’s Division of Gastroenterology & Hepatology with additional responsibilities as Medical Director for Pelvic Floor Disorders.

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