Drake Funny Pics

Funny Photos of Drake

Drake has been making headlines recently with some hilarious social media posts. The rapper recently posted a mirror selfie, and fans reacted with laughter. In the picture, Drake is wearing a big hoodie and pointing the camera at himself. The photo quickly became a Twitter meme. Drake fans called the rapper “Rollout king,” while others argued that the selfie is a marketing gimmick.

The rapper is no stranger to memes. When the Miami Heat won the 2013 NBA Finals, Drake was there to celebrate. His photo of himself with his head in the clouds inspired many to do the same. The same was true when Drake and Rihanna paired up at E11even Miami in the summer of 2016. The paparazzi captured Bad Gal whispering something to Aubrey during the infamous party.

While Drake is one of the most popular rap stars on the internet, he is also the most polarizing. Almost anything he does has the potential to become the next viral Internet meme. Whether it is a meme of his latest song, or a hilarious photo of him rapping in a club, Drake has a knack for making his fans laugh.

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