Drake Wife Personal Trainer

Drake’s Wife and Personal Trainer

Drake’s wife, Sophie Brussaux, has recently posted some gym training videos. In them, she’s seen working out with her personal trainer and her son Adonis. This proves that the rap star works out often to maintain her fine body figure. She also has a modeling career that requires regular workouts.

Sophie works out at the Academy of Martial Arts and has sparred with a partner, Hamza Lavezzi. She’s also been spending time at Drake’s Toronto estate and is also an artist who specializes in celebrity portraits. Despite this, she hasn’t spoken publicly about her relationship with the rap star.

Drake’s wife Sophie Brussaux is a former adult film actress and fitness trainer. She met Drake in Los Angeles in 2017 and gave birth to their son, Adonis, in October 2018. Sophie is certified to train athletes, and has a degree in kinesiology.

Hamza Lavezzi is the personal trainer of Drake’s wife. She’s active on social media and shares fitness videos. You can follow her at @lavezzihamza on Instagram. She doesn’t have a Wikipedia page yet, but it’s expected to be available soon.

Sophie Brussaux is a French citizen. She was born and raised in Bordeaux, France. She’s a former adult film star and a mother. She’s a proud humanist, feminist, and adventurer. She and Drake’s wife are also recognized for their accomplishments in the industry.

Drake’s wife’s age is not disclosed, but she is in her mid-thirties. She used to work in pornography and is married to rapper Drake. The couple has a son together. It’s unclear whether or not she will divorce Drake, but the relationship has been reported to be on the rocks. The rap star’s new wife is reportedly getting a personal trainer. But Drake has yet to confirm the news.

The rap star has kept his son Adonis out of the limelight for now. He even posted a rare photo of him without showing his face. He’s clearly focused on keeping his place at the top. He’s been working hard to maintain his position at the top of the rap game in the new decade. The rap star’s wife’s personal trainer is one of the many reasons why he’s keeping fit.

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