Dumbo Costume

The Cute Dumbo Costume

A Dumbo costume is an adorable way to transform into the popular Disney character! With big ears and a cute little hat, Dumbo made history when he learned to fly. You can now become the iconic character from the Disney film in this fun and affordable costume. It comes complete with a floppy elephant ear headband, a fake elephant tail, and a red circus collar.

A Dumbo costume is perfect for the upcoming circus party or baby’s first Halloween! It will make your little one look just like the famous Disney character. The adorable costume features oversized ears, a red collar, and a yellow hat to give off a cartoon look. You can even purchase a plushie to add to the cute factor of the costume.

The first Dumbo costume came from Ice Capades in 1955 and was an oversized, round head. It also had far apart eyes that were operated by the front performer. The eyes and trunk of the costume were also changed. This version of the character was used at Disney’s theme parks until 2001, when the Disney park reintroduced the redesigned costume.

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