E-tang Savannah

E-TANG Savannah

If you’re looking for a great place to grab a tasty and authentic Chinese meal, consider visiting E-TANG Savannah. This Chinese restaurant serves up everything you’d ever desire and more, and the friendly staff is sure to make your visit a memorable one. With a varied menu that offers everything from spicy noodles to creamy fried rice, you’re sure to find something that suits your preferences. E-TANG puts the needs of their customers first and aims to make dining fun for everyone.

Located on Oglethorpe Avenue, Etang is a relatively new addition to Savannah’s culinary scene. It offers authentic Chinese dishes, and its menu is simple but elegant, with every dish displaying great attention to detail. It’s also a great place for a date, or to treat your spouse to a delicious meal.

This Chinese restaurant offers both traditional Chinese dishes as well as American Chinese food. The chefs, from New York, are friendly and authentic, and their food is delicious. I particularly enjoyed the dry stir fried pig intestine and the house-cooked beef tendon. Likewise, I enjoyed the cold appetizer of beef, tripe, and tendon.

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