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Mountain Biking’s School of Hard Knocks

California native, Matt Spiess left his surfboards and loved ones behind to pursue his cycling dreams in Belgium’s tough school of cycling – winning kermesse races while securing professional contracts is his goal.

Lucas excelled under the challenging rainy conditions and aggressive racing attitude at Dejonckheere’s house, while other juniors struggled.

Early Life and Education

After spending his early years in Dublin working as an insurance company clerk, he went on to study acting and write plays. Additionally he provided radio commentaries for rugby and soccer matches and performed in productions for Radio Eireann.

Subsequently, he transitioned into broadcasting, making an immediate mark with panel game What’s My Line? and subsequent show This Is Your Life.

He was a popular host to sports and show business figures as well as politicians and civil servants, as well as being active in many philanthropic, civic, and corporate organisations. Additionally, he served on multiple boards, founded the Association of American Universities, was on Shambhala Mountain Center’s board, and left behind wife Grainne, children Emma Niamh, and Fergal.

Professional Career

Eamon Lucas, from Pacific Grove, is an impressive mountain biker competing in American criterium races and Belgian Kermesse racing scene despite his small stature. Nevertheless, he has achieved some notable results.

Listen below as Eamon discusses various race tactics and cultural nuances that have helped him be so successful across two worlds. Listen in now.

Parkin entered the Belgian amateur scene out of desperation; his attempts at signing with professional teams had failed and this offered him one last shot at becoming a professional cyclist. But Parkin has made more of an impactful contribution than simply trying to win his dream contract; his commitment is also about assimilation into society as a whole.

Achievement and Honors

Eamon Lucas left behind surfboards and family to pursue cycling dreams in Belgium, venturing into an intense world of kermesse racing that’s both intense and brutal. Dubbed “Frankie” among Belgian cyclists, Lucas has tried out for top teams and remains determined to secure professional contracts; many junior riders move through programs before heading home, yet Lucas decided to stay put, learning Flemish while immersing himself in its culture and dedicating his life to racing.

Listen in on this episode of TrainerRoad to hear more of Lucas’ story and understand more of the cultural nuances that contribute to his successes both on the American crit circuit and within Belgium’s rigorous kermesse scene. Discover his strategies that have led him to success and how these have developed over time.

Personal Life

Eamon lives in Monterey County, California with his wife Michele and children Meadow and Zackary. Additionally, Eamon serves as co-director for the Shambhala Mountain Center under Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche’s leadership.

Lucas competes on fixed gear bikes in both the Redhook Crit series and Belgium’s intense Kermesse racing scene. Though not well known in America, his story stands out. His commitment to Belgian racing comes from an unexpected place, while his success racing in one of its harshest racing environments sets him apart from many amateurs here at home.

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