Eep Crood


Eep_Crood is a character from Hero.fandom. He is an ancient troll and a powerful ally. You can join his team at Hero.fandom and help him defeat the evil Dark Lord. However, beware: Eep-Crood is not for the faint of heart.

Eep is small and has a halter-neck dress made from tigers’ hide. It has a muscular body and smooth skin. It is the only Crood in the world who can walk on all four limbs. This is an impressive feat, demonstrating a powerful strength.

After the family’s home is destroyed by an earthquake, Eep follows them into a magical wonderland, where Guy guides them to “tomorrow”. Eep then cries over his father and rides off into the sunset with his family. It’s a climactic moment in the film.

Eep is a deuteragonist in The Croods films and the main protagonist in the prequel TV series, Dawn of the Croods. She is voiced by Emma Stone in the films and Stephanie Lemelin in the TV series. In the Japanese dub, her voice is given by Romi Park. She is a strong character and a good hunter.

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