Eleanor Parker Net Worth

Eleanor Parker was an extremely prolific American actress. She appeared in over 80 movies and TV shows, earning three Oscar nominations for roles such as Caged, Detective Story and Interrupted Melody.

She was born June 26th 1922 in Cedarville Ohio in the U.S. She trained at both Rice Summer Theater and Pasadena Playhouse before beginning acting.

Early Life and Education

Eleanor Parker was born in Cedarville, Ohio to a math teacher and his wife. As soon as she could, Eleanor started acting in school plays at an early age. Graduating Shaw High School she continued her acting studies at Rice Summer Theater on Martha’s Vineyard and Pasadena Playhouse in California before going on to earn over 80 film credits and three Oscar nominations over her long career.

One of her more memorable films includes ‘Caged’, ‘Detective Story’, ‘Interrupted Melody’ and ‘Scaramouche’. Additionally, she co-starred alongside Frank Sinatra in A Hole in the Head and Robert Mitchum in Home from the Hill on television; additionally she guest starred on Bracken’s World, Hotel, Fantasy Island as well as Murder She Wrote; her final role was with Farah Fawcett in Sunburn from 1979.

Professional Career

Eleanor Parker enjoyed a prolific film and theater acting career, acting in over 80 films and garnering three Oscar nominations during her lifetime. Eleanor was born June 26th 1922 in Cedarville Ohio to Lester Day Parker and Lola Isett; graduated Shaw High School; then took acting lessons at Rice Summer Theater and Pasadena Playhouse before beginning her acting career at age sixteen in school plays.

She made her Hollywood debut with ‘Pride of the Marines’ in 1945 and went on to star in “The Voice of the Turtle” two years later. Parker later made headlines again as her performance in “Caged” earned critical acclaim; and in 1955 she portrayed Metropolitan opera singer Marjorie Lawrence for which she lip-synced nine arias across three languages!

Achievement and Honors

Eleanor Parker was an American actress with over five decades of film and television work to her credit. Known for both her beauty and acting talent, Eleanor earned multiple awards and nominations during her life’s journey.

Talent scouts noticed this classically beautiful redhead while attending Rice and offered her a screen test by 20th Century Fox; she declined because she wanted to finish out her year at Pasadena Playhouse first before signing with MGM where she remained for the remainder of her career.

Her performances in Caged, Detective Story and Interrupted Melody earned her three Oscar nominations and made her a favorite among moviegoers. Additionally, she gained attention as Frank Sinatra’s wife in Otto Preminger’s suspenseful drama The Man With the Golden Arm.

Personal Life

Eleanor Parker passed away due to pneumonia at age 91 in Palm Springs in December 2013 at her residence. Eleanor was sister of actor and author Samuel Clemens.

Eleanor Parker was born June 26th 1922 in Cedarville Ohio and began her acting career at 18 when Warner Brothers signed her to their roster of actresses. Eleanor made her film debut with They Died with Their Boots On in 1941.

Parker married four times; first to Navy dentist Fred Losee and later producers Bert E. Friedlob, artist Paul Clemens and Chicago theater executive Raymond Hirsch. Parker left three children from each marriage: Paul Clemens Jr from her third marriage as well as many grandchildren and great-grandchildren – including her own three from each union; they are all still living. Parker lies buried with Hirsch.

Net Worth

Eleanor Parker had an illustrious five decade acting career that saw her win three Oscar nominations and one Emmy Award nominations, among many other honors. Known for her versatile acting ability and adaptability, her most memorable role as Baroness Elsa Schraeder in ‘The Sound of Music’ stands out among them all.

Eleanor was born under the zodiac sign of Cancer, meaning she is both sympathetic and caring – characteristics which enabled her to add depth to her performances.

She married three times and gave birth to one son before passing away in Palm Springs at 91, her remains being interred alongside those of Raymond Hirsch whom she shared 80 films with as well as appearing in various TV movies and series – making her one of Hollywood’s most esteemed actresses.

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