Emily Feilds

Pretty Little Liars Characters – Emily Feilds

Emily Feilds is a popular actress who has a strong following in the US. She has a loyal following, is shy, and is a caring individual. Emily has a large secret that she keeps to herself. As such, she is very cautious about who she gets close to.

Emily has a personality similar to her book character. She enjoys competitive swimming and is very athletic. Her ethnicity is mixed, with Irish/Scottish, Korean, and Filipino heritage. She has long dark hair and brown eyes. She also has a very stylish dress sense. She is a lesbian. At one point of the book, she takes off her friendship bracelet with Alison because she thinks it’s a sign that she no longer feels anything for her.

Emily grew up in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, with her father and mother, but her father left for a military job in Texas, and she remained in her hometown with her mother and her two siblings. Despite her difficult upbringing, Emily had the support of her friends. She was especially close to Alison, who was a good friend and understood Emily’s crush on her.

As part of her education, Emily was a law clerk during law school and joined the firm as an associate after graduation. She was involved in a case, Obergefell v. Hodges, and she even conducted research on behalf of the plaintiffs in the case. Although it may seem odd to some, Emily Fields’ experience teaches us that coming out is not an easy thing to do.

Emily Fields is the protagonist of the hit series Pretty Little Liars. She is the star of Rosewood High School’s swim team, but she also cares about her friends. However, she is considered to be a weak link by the mysterious “A”. Her parents initially resisted her coming out, but eventually came to accept her sexuality.

Paige and Emily meet after Emily’s mother visits her at Radley for her birthday. Paige and Emily eventually break up, but Paige makes plans to reunite them and reveal that they are moving to Texas for her father’s job. She then discovers that Paige (Lindsey Shaw) is also a candidate for the post.

Emily was in love with Alison in seventh grade and still fantasizes about her. She even attempts to save Alison from a burning house, but is later told that her efforts have been futile. Emily feels guilty about her actions and hates her for it. She also argues with her father about how much she loves Alison.

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