Eric Benets Wife

Eric Benét Jordan – Halle Berry’s Ex-Husband

Eric Benét Jordan is an American singer and actor. He has been nominated for four Grammy awards. He is also an entrepreneur. He has a long list of successful clients and is in the process of writing a new book. In his new book, he outlines the history of his family.

Before Prince spotted them, they were already together. The couple got married in July 2011 and welcomed their first child Lucia Bella on 21 December 2011. They welcomed their second daughter, Amoura Luna, on July 4, 2014. Their eldest daughter, India, was born in 1991, but her mother died in a car crash in 1993. Now, India Benet follows her father’s footsteps into the music industry.

The couple met in a pub in Los Angeles, California, and fell in love. In the beginning, Eric thought he’d found his soulmate. They courted while Manuela was undergoing a divorce. Manuela, meanwhile, continued working for Prince’s foundations, donating money to help children in Africa.

Prince’s ex-wife, singer Eric Bonet, talked about the musician’s charitable work. She said he was generous with Trayvon Martin’s family and Al Sharpton. She also revealed that he helped countless people and donated millions of dollars to a number of charities.

Halle Berry’s ex-husband, Eric Benet, is getting ready to become a father again. The singer revealed to Van Lathan about their courtship to the late television show “Extra.” The two met at a party during Los Angeles Fashion Week and fell in love over a bar conversation.

In addition to his musical career, Benet has been involved in various productions. His latest film is Glitter, which is about a girl who tries to bring her family together. The couple has one daughter together, India. Benet says he is looking forward to being a dad to his daughter.

The singer was born on October 15, 1966 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has four Grammy nominations to his credit. In the late Eighties, he was part of the Gerard Top 100 group. Later, he formed a band and printed a self-titled album. In 1996, he stepped out on his own as a solo artist.

Eric Benet has a history of sharing intimate details, including his relationship with the late Prince. Despite his fame and fortune, he was open about his past sexual life and revealed that he had an addiction to sex. He later married Halle Berry, who is his current wife.

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