Estrella Cerqueira

Estrella Cerqueira – Data Generation Manager at Altitude Group

Estrella attended Treasure Coast High School before enrolling at Connecticut School of Broadcasting for further studies. Since 2015, Estrella has been working at Altitude Group.

Estella is the mother of two children; Joy Landry and Euphoria.

She is also known for being Jarvis Landry’s girlfriend – an NFL wide receiver with an estimated net worth of $20 Million.

Early Life and Education

Estrella’s outgoing and lively personality makes her easy to get along with. She enjoys meeting new people and hearing their stories; and prefers traveling as often as possible so she can discover different cultures and cuisines.

Estrela is the mother of two children; her daughter was born December 14, 2017, while a son joined their family in March 2019. Estrela currently resides in Louisiana with Jarvis Landry from Cleveland Browns wide receiver fame as well as their daughters and her sister.

Estrella attended Treasure Coast High School before enrolling at Connecticut School of Broadcasting to obtain her degree in Radio and TV Production. Now working for Altitude Group as the Data Generation Manager, Estrella enjoys following many artists such as Mark Kincaid, Tyga, Mac Miller and Wiz Khalifa for inspiration in music.

Professional Career

Estrella works as the data generation manager at Altitude Group, an online marketing firm which assists clients in various forms of lead generation. Her office can be found in Boca Raton, Florida where she was raised.

She specializes in social media management. As an extrovert, she enjoys connecting with new individuals who provide her with insight. She often posts about her travel experiences to share them with her followers.

Estrella is the mother of two young children. In October 2016 on Instagram she presented the baby bump of her first-born, Joy. However, their relationship deteriorated soon after Joy was born, leading them into an intense custody battle. Estrella promotes healthily living via Instagram accounts like Fifth Season’s Salad Kit as an aid for maintaining an ideal diet plan for her followers.

Achievement and Honors

Estrella Cerqueira currently works as the Data Generation Manager for Altitude Group sales company. She attended Treasure Coast High School before working part-time at a bar and grill during off hours. Estrella received her bachelor of radio and TV production and broadcasting from Connecticut School of Broadcasting.

Jarvis posted images on social media showing just how much love and humor his relationship shared between them; their family has celebrated holidays such as Easter in 2022 and Halloween in 2021 together.

On 5 October 2016 she posted an image showing off her growing baby bump and wrote in her caption that she is counting down until birth.

Personal Life

Estrella has an outgoing, lively personality that easily draws others in. She enjoys meeting new individuals who can add unique perspectives to her life while her charming charm draws others in as well.

Data Generation Manager of Altitude Group since 2015 and resident of Boca Raton.

She’s an avid music enthusiast, with some of her favorite artists including Mark Kincaid, Tyga, Mac Miller, Wiz Khalifa and Lil Wayne as favorites. Her preferred genres are rock and pop; both she and her husband enjoy watching football regularly as a family; two of their children frequently appear in pictures posted to social media accounts or profiles. They recently celebrated Halloween 2021 at FirstEnergy Stadium!

Net Worth

Estrella Cerqueira is an outgoing and outspoken individual who thrives on meeting new people and making friends easily. Her charming nature helps her quickly make friends in new settings; therefore she prefers traveling around to experience various cultures.

She is a personal trainer by profession and has assisted many in attaining their life goals. Additionally, she enjoys traveling and has visited multiple countries – posting travel photos on Instagram so her followers can see.

She is currently in a relationship with footballer Jarvis Landry and they share two children, Joy and Jai. Recently they visited his training camp in Cleveland.

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