Eugene Bingham New Wife

Eugene Bingham and His Second Wife

Eugene Bingham and his second spouse have been separated for a while. He has been married twice and had a daughter, Becky, in 1972. However, he remains suspected of the murder of his wife. Eugene has yet to be charged with the crime, but the family of Sherese is extremely frustrated.

There are many questions about the death of Sherese Bimingham. Eugene Bingham’s wife Sherese was found dead in her home after she was shot to death. While police initially believed that she shot herself, they began questioning her family and friends. Police found Bingham’s cell phone at the scene. Bingham has denied any wrongdoing. He claims that he was at home during the night, and that no one else would be able to access his phone.

Bingham has been a minister since 1951. He was a Waxahachie native and started his ministry as an evangelist. He later pastored the Assembly of God Church in Crowell, Oklahoma, from 1956 to 1964. In 1975, he established the Gospel Lighthouse Church in Anadarko, Oklahoma. In 1995, he retired from the church. He moved to his family’s farm in Vernon, Oklahoma, where he resided at 1605 Parker Street.

Eugene Bingham Jr. was taken into custody on Wednesday and is currently being held in Marion County jail The charges against him were brought after a nearly 20-month investigation. He has yet to hire a lawyer to represent him. However, his family has been asking for justice and has organized vigils for Bingham.

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