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Should You Invest in an Expensive Pool?

Swimming pools can be an incredible asset to any home, adding value and providing you with an in-home alternative to beach trips or community pools.

However, installing a pool can be expensive depending on many different factors – one being where you reside. One significant element that plays into its cost is location.

Early Life and Education

An added benefit of living in a city with limited space, having a pool is appealing if it offers warm climate and is in a posh neighborhood; however, adding one to your home can cost thousands annually in terms of maintenance and utilities costs.

Evidence clearly supports the value of high-quality early childhood care and education to long-term outcomes for both children and society, yet policy is currently fragmented and disjointed – with families shouldering much of the costs for services which often lack access or are inadequate or unavailable. Increased funding managed through an integrated framework would enable providers to offer more and better services; this would require major increases in public investment as well as equitable distribution of family contributions as well as greater commitment from employers and private philanthropy.

Professional Career

Building an inground pool can be an intricate undertaking that involves layout design, electrical expertise and plumbing knowledge – as well as legal considerations such as getting your home’s zoning permit approved and purchasing liability coverage, says Casey.

Professional pool or billiards players typically make their living by participating in various tournaments and winning. Top players may earn millions in one tournament alone! In addition, endorsements, teaching billiard lessons or placing bets at pool halls may supplement their income stream.

Hiring a pool service professional for regular maintenance is essential, as they know what signs to look out for and can fix problems before they become larger, more costly issues. These professionals also offer services for winterizing pools when not being used.

Achievement and Honors

Purchases of new pools can be expensive depending on their size and features, with those looking for luxury custom pools spending thousands more in addition to adding all of the latest add-ons quickly racking up a substantial bill for their purchase.

Drakeley Pool Company recently won two NESPA Outstanding Achievement Awards – Builders Competition awards. These prestigious honors recognize members whose installations of pools, spas, and hot tubs demonstrate superior workmanship in the industry.

Keith Zars Pools has won many prestigious awards for their breathtaking pool designs, yet the true measure of success for them lies in customer loyalty. Therefore they highly value their relationship with GSABA and feel extremely humbled to have received the Becky Oliver Lifetime Membership Award.

Personal Life

Owning a pool can add greatly to the quality of life by offering opportunities to relax, exercise and socialise with family and friends. But the upfront and ongoing costs should be carefully considered before making this investment decision.

Upgrades like hot tubs significantly raise the price of a new pool due to additional water features, thicker walls, pumps and mechanical systems required.

Selecting an affordable financing option when purchasing an expensive pool is essential, with contractor financing often being the most economical solution. Compare loan amounts and repayment terms until you find what works best with your budget. Also consider purchasing personal umbrella liability insurance to protect you against medical and legal fees should an accident occur related to your pool.

Net Worth

Many homeowners invest in expensive pools for the social value they bring to their home, yet long-term costs associated with owning one are significant as well. Water must be constantly replenished and treated, increasing property taxes. Depending on where they are residing in their state of origin, some or all of these expenses could qualify for tax deductions.

Many pool manufacturers and dealers provide financing directly to customers, which provides for an easier process; however, it is crucial that customers carefully read over any terms or conditions provided before agreeing to any loans.

Some individuals build swimming pools costing millions or billions of dollars. These high-end pools can often be found at resorts and private homes, offering luxurious lifestyle experiences with underwater tunnels for an immersive underwater adventure experience.

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