Extreme Air Hand Dryer

Extreme Air Hand Dryer

The Extreme Air hand dryer is designed to dry your hands faster and using less energy than most other hand dryers on the market. It is also three times faster than a standard hand dryer and can save you up to 95% on paper towel costs. There is no need for a dedicated line with the ExtremeAir, as it is small enough to fit into any washroom.

It features adjustable power and speed, as well as adjustable sound. It comes in a variety of finishes. You can get a white steel cover with warm air or a chrome plated satin finish.

An antimicrobial air delivery system helps keep the hand dryer clean and sanitary. In addition to the high quality material that is used, the dryer is backed by a 10-year warranty. It is UL listed, C-UL (Canada) listed and is made to last. This is an attractive option for any washroom or office environment.

The GXT series has a compact design and uses 80 percent less energy than conventional hand dryers. It also features a lead free, microprocessor controlled sensor that automatically configures itself to the correct voltage. Also, a 5/8 HP motor provides fast drying times. A heated drying element is also included.

The eXtremeAir cPc is a high-performance hand dryer that uses Cold Plasma Clean technology to purify the air around the hand dryer. This technology breaks up surface water and deodorizes the hand in as little as 10 seconds.

It is the ultimate high-speed energy-efficient hand dryer, and is 43% smaller than older high-speed hand dryers. It features adjustable sound and speed, as well as a resetting thermal protector.

In addition, the eXtremeAir dryer has a shielded air intake vent and vandal resistant cover. The dryer is powered by a five-eight-horsepower motor that runs at 24,000 RPM. When hands are removed, the microprocessor-controlled infrared sensor turns the dryer off.

American Dryer makes the eXtremeAir hand dryer to be durable and well-suited for any environment. It is also built to the highest environmental standards. Each unit is tested and rated to ensure that it meets the most stringent specifications. These units are also backed by a 10-year warranty and same-day factory service.

Unlike other hand dryers, the eXtremeAir dryer doesn’t require parts or maintenance. Instead, it is made of durable materials that are resistant to vandalism. And it is easy to install.

The Extreme Air dryer has a patented design that eliminates the need for a dedicated electrical line. As a result, it is perfect for stadiums, schools and other public buildings. It can also reduce the amount of landfill waste associated with paper towels.

The GXT Series Extreme Air hand dryers are ENERGY STAR certified, making it one of the most energy-efficient hand dryers on the market. In addition, the EXT hand dryer is a great choice for LEED credits.

The ExtremeAir EXT by American Dryer is a revolutionary low-energy hand dryer. It is 43% smaller than most other high-speed hand dryers, and can provide hands with a drying time of only 12 seconds. Without a heating element, this machine also saves up to 90% of energy.

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