Ezequiel Almodovar Lancaster Pa

Ezequiel Almodovar Arraigned on Two Counts of Homicide

Ezequiel Almodovar was arraigned on two counts of homicide Friday for the shooting deaths of two men on July 27. He was a relative of Angel D Martinez and Alisha I Vega, and had lived at 12 N Mary St. in Lancaster. The DA’s office had no comment on the motive of the shootings. However, they have said investigators have not been able to say exactly when the killings occurred. They will determine if there are other witnesses who can help them.

Police were called to the scene early Tuesday and found evidence at the house of the suspect. There were blood stains on the comforter in the home and a bloody towel inside. There were multiple shell casings in the driveway. A woman who was a relative or acquaintance of the dead men contacted police on Monday evening. She told police that she had seen a man crouching by a truck. Upon further investigation, the truck was believed to be the vehicle that was used to transport the dead men.

According to police, the truck was also set on fire. At the same time, they discovered a second body. Jonathan Rivera was also found in the truck. Both men had blood stains on their bodies. It was later determined that they were shot and killed at Almodovar’s home.

Investigators do not know how many people were involved in the killings. The fiancee of Jonathan Rivera testified that she saw Almodovar crouching by the truck on the night of the homicide. One of the prosecutors said the evidence was strong enough to hold Almodovar on the double murder case. However, the DA’s office said they are looking into whether there was more than one person involved.

Assistant District Attorney Christopher Miller argued that Rivera’s fiancee stopped Almodovar as he was cleaning the crime scene. During this time, the fiancee noticed a bloody shirt on Almodovar, and that he was in the torso area. Her testimony was corroborated by a friend who walked past the vehicle.

After the bodies were found, police began investigating the truck and the man who owned it. In fact, the truck was 15 miles from the suspect’s home. Despite the distance, investigators believe the shooting and fire were connected. An autopsy will be performed on both men later this week.

Almodovar is being held without bail and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing Friday. At this hearing, prosecutors must decide whether to bring the case before the county court or have the case heard at a higher level. Before the preliminary hearing, prosecutors are required to prove that the defendant is the primary person responsible for the death. If the court finds that the defendant is the principal suspect, the case will go to trial. During the hearing, Almodovar appeared via video. During the hearing, the fiancee testified that she had seen another person at Almodovar’s home on the day of the homicide. During the hearing, her testimony included that she had seen Almodovar crouching by a truck, a bloody towel in the house and blood on his shirt.

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