Fallout New Vegas Achievements

Fallout New Vegas Achievements

Fallout New Vegas is a new RPG that’s due out next month. It features fifty achievements to earn. Each achievement is worth one thousand Gamerscore and can be earned by completing a variety of tasks within the game. Different achievements are named after different things like weapons, items, and completing quests. DLC can be purchased to unlock additional achievements.

There are two main ways to earn Fallout New Vegas achievements. The first is by completing quests. This is a great way to get more experience points. Earn money is another option. Those who earn more money in the game will receive additional bonus cash, which is useful for gaining experience in the game.

There are also achievements for playing the game in different modes. For example, you can unlock achievements for collecting snow globes. Another achievement is the Courier Who Broke the Bank. For this, you need to win at least 30 games of Caravan. You can also get a Mod Master achievement by installing weapon mods.

Fallout New Vegas offers another way to earn achievements. You can buy and use unique weapons. These weapons must be from the Mojave Wasteland DLC or the base game. Some of them are variations of standard weapons. However, weapons that are used in other games will not count. Before you buy any new items, ensure you understand the requirements.

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