Famous People In Costa Rica

Famous People in Costa Rica

Although Costa Rica is a small country, it has a number of famous citizens who have left a mark on the world and inspired fellow citizens. There are also some very famous figures who were born in Costa Rica, such as Oscar Arias Sanchez, who was born in Heredia in 1940 and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1987.

Gisele Bundchen, a top Victoria’s Secret model, and Tom Brady, a famous football player, both visit the country from time to time. While they have a private house in Santa Teresa, the couple also enjoy surfing and participating in yoga classes. They have also been spotted at San Jose fashion events.

Presidents, scientists, and athletes are some of Costa Rica’s most prominent people. Franklin Chang Diaz, Costa Rica’s only astronaut, has been seven times to space and is currently planning for future missions. Claudia Poll Ahrens is a Costa Rican soccer player. She holds many records and was awarded three Olympic gold medals, including one in Atlanta 1996 and two in Sydney 2000. She has been named one of the most influential people in Costa Rica and is considered a role model to many people.

Some of the most famous people in Costa Rica include artists, athletes, and musicians. Costa Rica is a small country with a long history as a country of performers and artists. Many of these people are the pride of Costa Rica and have worked hard to make their mark. Costa Ricans love to celebrate the country’s famous people.

A singer and songwriter from Costa Rica, Debi Nova is another notable individual. Debi Nova was born 6 August 1980 in San Jose. She has worked with many artists and was nominated to the 2014 Latin GRAMMY for Best New Vocal Pop album. The singer currently resides in Los Angeles.

The country is known for its fresh seafood and coffee. There are also several notable baseball players who were born in the country. A former star of the Barcelona team in the 1930s is Jose Luis Garcia. He led the American League in hit-by-pitches for ten seasons, which is quite rare.

Juan Santamaria, the third president of Costa Rica, is another famous Costa Rican. The country has been politically stable under his leadership. His actions helped to turn around the economy by selling coffee to Soviet Union. Costa Rica is also famous for its stunning scenery. Many celebrities visit Costa Rica to take in the beauty.

There are many other Costa Rican athletes who have made Costa Rica famous. Nery Brenes, a sprinter from Paraiso, reached the semi-finals in the 400m sprint in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He has also competed in numerous track and field events, including the 2007 World Championships in Athletics in Osaka, Japan.

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