Fan Ejected Twice For Heckling Anthony Davis

A Fan Was Ejected Twice For Heckling Anthony Davis

Anthony Davis, Los Angeles Lakers’ superstar, didn’t give up on his team’s chances to make the playoffs, despite being heckled twice by a fan during Friday night’s match. While fans have been urged to tone it down by the players, heckling hasn’t diminished. In fact, it seems to be increasing. In the fourth quarter, Anthony Davis and a 76ers fan got into a verbal exchange. After the fans were expelled, the fan returned to the seat and continued to heckle Anthony Davis.

The NBA has been trying to make fan ejections less common during games. LeBron James is a leading advocate for this move. Not only does he often voice his opinions on social media, he also regularly talks trash on the court. These players have to deal with the incoming verbal insults. But a fan can’t do anything.

A fan was ejected twice for heckling Anthony Davis in the Wells Fargo Center on Saturday night. Anthony was being heckled by a fan during a dead ball. Anthony marched towards the fans and started yelling at him. Both fans were removed from the game after several possessions. During one possession, one fan called Anthony a “boy” and shouted, “get in the corner boy” and “keep shooting boy!”

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