Fetus Harry Styles

Is Harry Styles Pregnant?

Rumors are circulating that Harry Styles is pregnant. The “As It Was” music video starts with a baby’s voice. Styles has not confirmed the news, but fans speculate that Styles is pregnant with a girl. Fans have been using the song as proof that Styles is pregnant.

On the video, Harry Styles looks comfortable and adoring with the baby. The singer is wearing a pair red shorts and holds the baby close to his chest like Simba from “The Lion King”. He laughed and held the baby in his arms as it cried and played. The crew on set also laughed as the video was shot.

The adorable video of Harry Styles’ baby is making the rounds on the internet. The singer shared some behind-the-scenes footage from the music video along with clips of him and the baby. Fans have been waiting for the star’s announcement of his baby girl to the world. The video was posted by the singer to his YouTube channel.

Olivia Wilde and Harry Styles have been dating since January 2021, when Wilde released her third solo album “Harry’s House”. Rumours of a possible pregnancy emerged after Wilde was photographed wearing baggy tops. The rumours have caused a furor on Twitter. Many people called the rumor about a baby bump a publicity stunt.

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