Florian Sukaj Net Worth

Facts About Florian Sukaj

Florian Sukaj is an Albanian model and fitness influencer. He is also the husband of reality TV star Stacey Silva. This reality television personality started dating Stacey in 2016, after meeting through social media. They tied the knot in April 2020. Currently, he has more than 115k followers on his Instagram account.

According to Factsbuddy, Florian’s net worth is estimated to be at least $2 million. His wife Stacey has a much larger net value of millions. The couple has two children together.

However, he hasn’t talked about his family, including his parents. Neither has he provided an accurate birth date. Therefore, it’s difficult to gauge his actual net worth. On the other hand, he has earned a decent sum of money from his modelling career.

Although, there hasn’t been an official biography of his life, he has been featured in numerous unscripted television dramas and reality shows. In addition, he has appeared on Discovery’s 90 Day Fiance. Aside from these, he has also been featured in various network shows.

Florian Sukaj has been rumored to have cheated on his girlfriend Stacey with a model named Shanti Zohora. Moreover, the pair have been accused of using each other’s money. However, he has denied this. As a matter of fact, he likes Stacey’s photos.

When the pair first met, Stacey claimed that he was using her for financial purposes. They have an age difference of about 19 years. Nevertheless, they have managed to patch things up. It’s unclear whether or not their relationship will continue.

Florian is also a fitness influencer, which is what his followers see on his social media accounts. Among his other activities, he organizes fitness seasons on social media.

Before he married Stacey, he had an affair with another model. During this period, he had a VISA to live in the United States. Eventually, he was granted a US citizenship. But his motivations were still being questioned.

In 2019, he appeared on a TLC reality show called 90 Day Finance. During the season, he earned about $1000 to $1500 per episode. Moreover, he was paid to model for the show. And, he was also featured in the show Darcey & Stacey. During the last season, he had a rough patch.

He is also a personal trainer. While he has not given any details about his family, he claims that his sister is in Heaven. She passed away in November 2021.

If you want to find out more about Florian, you can visit his official Instagram profile. You can also check out his Twitter profile as @florjansukaj. Hopefully, you will find out more about this rising model.

Overall, Florian has earned a good amount of money from his modeling and television work. It’s a good sign that he has been able to keep his career going. Despite his scandal, he is still a promising actor. Besides, he has not yet achieved a wiki profile.

Florian is a young man. However, his net worth is very high.

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